Perfect Skeleton Costumes Makeup
Tips for a Perfect Skeleton Costumes Makeup 10


No Halloween is complete without pumpkins, black cats and skeletons. Most of us usually miss out on the skeletons. Skeletons add to the creepy vibe of this day, but that’s not it. It also shows our inner selves and gives us some historical nostalgia. “Skeleton costumes” have to be one of the most infamous Halloween costumes of all. Every Halloween party needs at least one skeleton.

When you go to the stores, you will find different options for girls and boys, adults and kids. Options may include skeletal jumpsuits, X-Ray Second Skin, or the fantastic glow “skeleton costumes”. Just the clothes are not enough. Without good skeleton makeup, the look will be incomplete.

Do you wish to be a skeleton this Halloween? Have you decided on your costume but don’t know what makeup to do? Well, put all your worries to an end because we have amazing tips for your “skeleton costumes” makeup. People have it in their minds that last-minute costumes or makeup always turn out to be not good. You can prove them wrong by following our tips and tricks. When your makeup is on point, your whole look will speak for itself. Everyone will admire how hard you have worked on it.

Tips for Skeleton Costumes Makeup

Skeleton Costumes Makeup
Tips for a Perfect Skeleton Costumes Makeup 11

We have broken down the whole “skeleton costumes” makeup for you. Follow the following step-by-step guide and achieve your perfect skeleton look.

1. Liquid Foundation

Liquid Foundation
Tips for a Perfect Skeleton Costumes Makeup 12

For a more terrifying look, opt for a liquid foundation that is slightly lighter than your actual skin color. It is because skeletons are supposed to be pale.

2. Black Liquid Eyeliner

Black Liquid Eyeliner
Tips for a Perfect Skeleton Costumes Makeup 13

Use good, long-lasting, fast-drying and waterproof eyeliner to help stay put your look all night long.

3. Black Eyeshadow Powder

Black Eyeshadow Powder
Tips for a Perfect Skeleton Costumes Makeup 14

Choose a highly pigmented black eyeshadow powder with a matte or satin finish. Avoid the eyeshadows with a shiny or glittery formula. Ideal scary skeletons do not glitter.

4. Eyeshadow Brush

Eyeshadow Brush
Tips for a Perfect Skeleton Costumes Makeup 15

Old brushes might not work very well with the look you wish to achieve. You can buy new and fluffy eyeshadow brushes with strong bristles. There are many options in the market in drug store brands that are easy on the pocket but high in quality.

5. Angles Eyeliner Brush

Angles Eyeliner Brush
Tips for a Perfect Skeleton Costumes Makeup 16

You can get inexpensive eyeliner brushes from anywhere in the market. These brushes are essential because they will help you create a multitude of different looks.

6. White Eyeliner

White Eyeliner
Tips for a Perfect Skeleton Costumes Makeup 17

Get sharp and precise white eyeliner. It will help you draw perfect lines and create sharp details on the face.

Apply the foundation all over your face; don’t worry about the perfect blending. Draw circles around your eyes with the black eyeliner. It is okay if they are not perfect circles. Fill in the circles with the black eyeshadow using eyeshadow brushes. On the nose, draw the letter M with the eyeliner and fill the sides of the M with black eyeshadow. Color your lips completely white and draw black lines with eyeliner all over them. Using black eyeliner, white eyeliner, and black eyeshadow, make patterns all over your face and fill in the way you want. Don’t worry about being too perfect with it because the messier, the scarier.

Please note that these are the makeup essentials you will need to create your perfect skeleton look. However, you can always add on or cut down on any step which you might think you need or not for the “skeleton costumes” look you have in mind.


Get these six makeup must-haves that many you will find in your collection. If not, you can borrow from your cousin or friends. Follow this step-by-step guide for your perfect “skeleton costumes” look. It is super easy to do and will make you look super amazing. A skeleton costume is not difficult to find. You can find one at any costume shop online or in-stores. Paired with our super amazing makeup tips, create your desired skeleton look and spook everyone in the room. We can bet you will have a happy and exciting Halloween.