Purge Halloween Costumes
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For some reason, people of all ages wait desperately for Halloween. It is that one day when everyone can be anyone they want. You can break the rules, act crazy and do whatever you want. It is the only day when you can trick anyone you want and no one will punish you. Instead, they will laugh. However, “purge Halloween costumes” are not designed to make you laugh.

Are you someone who loves a good scare? Do you enjoy dressing up as a horror film character? With three successful movies and a TV show, the purge character in the world of horror has developed itself as a Halloween classic. It is an addition to the categories of Halloween. Many people love horror stuff and wish to dress up as their favorite characters from their favorite horror movie or TV show.

It is no different when it comes to the “purge Halloween costumes.” This category of costumes has plenty to offer like terrifying masks and creative costumes. It makes purge an important Halloween scary costume idea. Whether you are a big fan of horror stuff or you are just looking for a Halloween costume, dressing up as purge is a different and a super unique option that you can go with. There are many horror movies from which you can take the inspiration to dress up as a purge.

In this article, we have tips for you to make the terrifying masks for your “purge Halloween Costumes.”

Crazy Tips for Purge Halloween Costumes Masks

Crazy Tips for Purge Halloween Costumes Masks
Tips for Purge Halloween Costumes 7

People who dress up as purge on Halloween have to be very creative to hide their identity. You don’t have to go out of the way to make “purge Halloween costumes.” The most important part of this costume is its mask. You can take out any scary mask from your closet or buy from any nearby costume shop, and design it in your aesthetic way.

“Purge Halloween Costumes” are not only for one person, but you can wear these costumes with your partner, your best friend, your sibling, and even your whole friends’ group can dress up as purge. All you have to do is put on your scariest mask and have a good time. You don’t have to worry; we have you covered in this article.

There are only a few things that you would need to create your perfect purge costume. Once you have gathered all the things, let your crazy imaginations begin. We have a few tips for you that will help you create terrifying “purge Halloween costumes.”

1. The famous Purge Mask

The mask that people would wear while attacking a home from the movie, “The Purge,” became very famous. Those masks are creepy. There are different kinds of masks in the movie. The craziest of them all is the one with no permanent structure. It has eyes and a mouth. The mask is white in color which gives it pure horror.

2. A black hoodie

black hoodie
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Unbelievably, a simple black hoodie can be perfect for “purge Halloween costumes.” Buy a black hoodie in one size larger than the size you wear. It will make you look crazier. Make sure that the hoodie has no print on it.

3. An axe

With the above two costumes, you can carry an axe. It will add up to the dark personality of your purge costume. You will seem brutal and creepier. Add a bit of fake blood on the axe and see everyone staying away from you. That is when you know that your costume is epic.

4. Red stains on a white shirt

Red stains on a white shirt
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Wear a white shirt and add a few huge drops of fake blood on it. It will increase the intensity of your costume. Don’t forget to wear your mask. A purge is not a purge without its mask.


Dressing up in “purge Halloween costumes” will be very different and will make you stand out in the whole crowd at the party. Your creepiness will have everyone’s attention. And you will have an amazing Halloween.