Astronaut Costume
Tips to Make the Best Astronaut Costume for Your Kid 7

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Halloween, like every other traditional day, comes once a year. It gives us the chance to dress up any way we want and be who we wish to be for one night. We should take advantage of it. Dressing up as different characters like a clown, pirate, ninja, robot, vampire or a burrito, etc., is something that never goes out of fashion. Halloween is somehow incomplete without these characters roaming around. But how about we go a little different this year? Have you ever considered an “astronaut costume”?

We have prepared a few tips that you can use to make the best costume for your little one. It will help you get your kid the perfect astronaut look that will put everyone in awe. Browse through the article and follow a few simple steps towards this DIY "astronaut costume." If you do these steps with your little one, it will be a beautiful bonding time for you and your child. You both will create lots of memories. This costume will be great for Halloween. There is a stage in life where every child is inspired by space and wishes to be an astronaut. They will be thrilled with the idea of becoming one for a night. Our tips will create a simple way to make their dream come to life.

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DIY Astronaut Costume

DIY Astronaut Costume
Tips to Make the Best Astronaut Costume for Your Kid 8

Seeing their kids getting excited when their dreams come true is the happiest moment for a mother. One great thing about a DIY costume is that you can adjust it your way, use the colors you like or even make new additions to a character. You may also use clothing that is already at home to save money. You need only a few things and your kid's "astronaut costume" will be ready.

Astronaut Suit

Astronaut Suit
Tips to Make the Best Astronaut Costume for Your Kid 9

A traditional astronaut suit is white. If you have it or can arrange a white jumpsuit that will be perfect; or else, take white pants and a plain white t-shirt for the basic astronaut suit. Make sure that the t-shirt is plain with no print on it.

Space-Themed Patches

We all love the space-themed patches. These patches make the costume look genuine and it speaks for itself. Cut-outs of these patches are easily available in the shops or via Amazon. If you wish to save more money, you can get the prints of these figures, cut them out and paste them on the clothes. These cut-outs may include:

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  1. A logo of NASA
  2. Planets
  3. 'Space Shuttle Mission' logo

Fabric Glue

You may then glue those patches to the clothes. Make sure you use strong fabric glue. Don't use regular glue because it won't be able to hold the patches for a longer time.

If the patches are on a fabric, you can even stitch the patches on the suit where your kid wants it. Stitching it would make it more durable.

The Rocket

What is an astronaut without a rocket on the back?

  1. For the rockets to be worn on the back:
  2. Take two big large water bottles
  3. Paint the bottles a dark blue color, and glue them on the back of the shirt in an upside-down position.
  4. For the fire at the open ends of the bottle, you can glue some yellow paper strips on it. Paint the ends of the strip to give the perfect vibe of the fire.
  5. Do it for both the bottles.
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An "astronaut costume" can be made to look beautiful and cute, at the same time that too using supplies already present at home. Costumes that a mother and child design together are way more precious than buying a ready-made outfit from a store. As a mother, you make many memories with your child while making it. We came up with tips that will make it easy for you to make an "astronaut costume" for your little one. Scroll through our tips and make the perfect outfit for your kid.