Group Halloween Costumes
Twelve Amazing Group Halloween Costumes 7


Halloween costumes can become stressful as the day comes closer. One thing that can make it less stressful is when you are dressing up in a group. Power indeed comes in numbers. People appreciate good group costumes. “Group Halloween costumes” are fun to create. It is one of those moments that bring everyone together making the bond stronger and better. They always stand out in the whole crowd differently, in a unique manner. In this article, to help you find a perfect costume for your group, we have put together several options.

Dressing up together in a group on Halloween makes up some good memories. To make these memories even better, we have many different options to offer. Our options are not the basic ones. They include Disney Halloween costumes, college costume ideas, teen-approved costumes, DIY group costumes, and more. It doesn’t matter how big or small your group is; our costume ideas have you covered.

A little coordination and creativity and you are ready to amaze the crowd. You don’t need to worry anymore. Just browse through this guide that we have designed for you with plenty of ideas and tips. With our tips, you will be happy with your decision.

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Twelve Group Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Pac Man Halloween Costume

Pac Man Halloween Costume
Twelve Amazing Group Halloween Costumes 8

Dress up as your favorite childhood arcade game that you grew up playing.

2. Schuyler Sisters Costume

Grab your sisters or girl group and dress up as Peggy, Angelica, and Eliza this Halloween in these custom Hamilton-inspired costumes.

3. M&M Style Costume

Both boys and girl groups can dress up as M&Ms. Everyone loves M&Ms. Wear red, blue, green, etc. colored t-shirts with any pants. Wear white gloves to complete this cool look. You can get M printed on it to be clearer about your character to others.

4. Crayon Shirts Costume

Each of your group members can be a crayon of different colors. You can either get crayon printed on it or write/paint it yourself together on plain t-shirts of different colors.

5. Social Media Icons Costume

Social Media Icons Costume
Twelve Amazing Group Halloween Costumes 9

It will be iconic when you and your group members show up at the Halloween party looking like social media icons. Wear the icon color t-shirt like yellow for Snapchat, purple for Instagram, blue for Facebook, green for WhatsApp, etc.

6. Rock, Paper, Scissors Group Costume

Rock, Paper, Scissors Group Costume
Twelve Amazing Group Halloween Costumes 10

If you are a group of 3, then dressing up as a childhood classic game rock, paper, and scissors is a perfect option for you. It will make the whole crowd nostalgic.

7. Scooby-Doo Group Costume Set

 The Scooby-Doo costume would be a perfect nostalgia for everyone in the room. Dress up like Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and of course, Scooby and enter as a gang. Everyone at the Halloween party will have eyes on you.

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8. Adults Superhero Group Costume

dults Superhero Group Costume
Twelve Amazing Group Halloween Costumes 11

Dress up as your favorite superheroes, and you and your friends can be the ultimate hero squad.

9. Disney Villains Costume

Dress up like fantastic Disney villains and steal the show. Such costumes work best for college girls who can pull off and amaze everyone.

10. Flintstones Group Costume Set

Are you a group of two boys and two girls? Or do you want to double date on Halloween? Then Flintstones is the perfect costume to choose.

11. Playing Cards Costume

Playing Cards Costume
Twelve Amazing Group Halloween Costumes 12

Dress up as cards in white t-shirts with your group at Halloween party. It is an easy way to show up at the party in style.

12. Dinosaurs Costume

You can rock dinosaur jumpers if comfort is more your style or inflatable costumes for a more realistic effect. Everyone will have eyes on the dinosaurs.


Halloween comes once a year. So why not make it a memorable one. What is better than celebrating it with your close friends and family members? Dressing up together, in a group, following a theme, increases the fun ten folds. You bond, create beautiful memories, laugh and eat together, and click pictures that you can cherish forever. “Group Halloween costumes” can be a little frustrating to do, but our guide will make it not only easy for you but also fun. Look through the options we have for you and find what suits you the best. We have options for everyone.