Cheerleader Costume
Your Guide to a Perfect Cheerleader Costume 5


Was becoming a cheerleader your dream and, for some reason, you could not become one? It is okay. Because that is what Halloween is for, dressing up as the one you had always wanted to be. Cheerleading is something that only girls do. You will hardly see any man becoming a cheerleader and dancing with pom-poms in his hands. It isn’t hard to dress up like a cheerleader. Do you want to dress in a “cheerleader costume” but don’t have the perfect outfit? Are you struggling to find the best one for you? Here we are to help you design your perfect “cheerleader costume.”

With this guide to making a perfect cheerleader outfit, let us help you get it right.

Tips for a Perfect Cheerleader Costume

The Clothes

The Skirt

the shirt
Your Guide to a Perfect Cheerleader Costume 6

A cheerleading skirt is short and pleated. It is an essential part of being a cheerleader, people recognize one through it. You can buy a pleated skirt at an affordable price from thrift stores if you don’t wish to spend a lot. You can find something which suits you for a fraction of its original cost. Try not to make it at home because sewing pleats can be very complicated.

The Shirt

Next, you need to decide if you want to carry a retro cheerleading sweater or a classic cheerleading shell top for Halloween this year. If you have decided to go for a retro look, you can wear a sweater with your pleated skirt. On the other hand, for a more classic look, you can wear a shell top that matches perfectly with your chosen skirt style.

Even though it is just a “cheerleader costume,” you still must think about what to wear under your outfit. Classic or boy-cut briefs are usually a part of an authentic cheerleader look, and they keep you covered. If you are worried about Halloween being cold or a windy night, you can buy a bodysuit or crop top that you can wear under your shell top. This will keep you warm and give you the perfect cheerleading look that you have been dying to achieve.

The Shoes

Shoes are the last thing for a “cheerleader costume.”To finish off your costume, pick up a pair of white cheerleading shoes. White sneakers go with cheerleader outfits in every color like red, blue, purple, etc. You can wear them to have a perfect cheerleader look.

Hair and Makeup

Hairdressing tools and various hairbrushes on white background top view
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A classic cheerleader look is with a standard ponytail. You can also pull the front of your hair back and create a poof, then curl the hair that remains down. Braids are also very popular with cheerleaders.

You can add a big-sized cheerleader hair bow. Cheerleaders have a glitz and glamour side to them, so feel free to use glitter for your costume. A little bit of shine on your dress will catch attention from a distance. 

For your makeup, apply your foundation and powder as you do regularly. Add a light pink blush to your cheeks. Also, put on mascara and a shimmering white or bronze eye shadow color. Finish it off with a light pink lipstick or lip gloss. Have a natural look with glossy lips. Gloss will add up to your overall cheerleader glam.


Cheerleaders don’t wear heavy jewelry. You can wear small earrings with your look.


You cannot forget the details! Pick up some cheerleading pom-poms, a colorful megaphone, and make a “trick-or-treat” sign to take your costume to the next level.

You can either buy pom-poms from a shop or make them yourself at home. To make it at home, buy shiny paper and cut equal lengths of thin strips. Tie the strips together firmly and your pom-pom is ready.

On a cardboard piece, you may write TRICK OR TREAT, it will add up to “cheerleader costume.”


It is not hard to create a “cheerleader costume” if you follow our guide. From clothes to shoes to makeup and other accessories, we have listed everything for you above that you can use to design a perfect cheerleader look for yourself. Live your dream of becoming a beautiful cheerleader for one night and have a happy Halloween.