Fortunately, we don’t need to start the big debate whether anime and manga are only something for Japan-loving nerds here. After all, this is about cosplay, which as we all know also comes from Japan, so anime and cosplay just go hand in hand. And if there’s any doubt whether anime cosplay costumes are a step too nerdy after all:

Anime is more common than you think. Many have watched anime series as a child without knowing it. Obvious anime series from our childhood are Dragonball, Pokémon, and Detective Conan. These series are among the most famous and popular anime series. But again, quickly back to the series that you don’t necessarily remember being anime series in reality. It may surprise you that the series Heidi, Eine Fröhliche Familie, Puschel das Eichhörnchen, Prinzessin Erdbeer or Die kleinen Zwurze are all anime series.

But even otherwise, the wide-ranging world of anime is strongly entrenched in the modern media landscape. Regularly, the anime series are the template for video games and film adaptations. Death Note, Ghost in the Shell, Speed Racer, and Oldboy all come from Japanese anime and have been more or less adapted to Western tastes. But these conversions are also available in more faithful to the original. The twisted story Assassination Classroom, about a yellow tentacled creature who wants to destroy the world, has been adapted as an anime and live-action film. The spectacle of huge battles with gigantic enemies in Attack on Titan or the frightening mix of horror and sci-fi of Parasyte have also arrived in the Western world.


The versatility of anime provides a perfect foundation for cosplay. Thus, depending on the base, everyday clothes with a little styling are enough to be able to represent a recognizable character. So you can virtually without a purchase a Durarara!!! Cosplay or implement a Death Note cosplay. With a lab coat or a Hawaiian shirt, a Steins;Gate cosplay is also quickly put together.
For all the complex and harder to find outfits for your perfect anime cosplay outfit, we are here for you. Because the famous pistol “Dominator” from Psycho Pass is not so easy to find. Maybe you’d like to cosplay a Pokémon, too? For fans of giant robots, a Gundam cosplay is the way to go. For fans of fantasy, gaming, and anime, a Sword Art Online (SOA) cosplay is just the thing. Here you will find complete outfits, cosplay weapons and of course accessories for the perfect set.
If you’re more into ninjas and fighting, you can slip into the ninja suit for a Naruto cosplay. And if you want to crash the party as a tentacle monster at supersonic speed, take a look at Assassination Classroom Cosplays! And before there’s any more trouble: Of course, there are also the schoolgirl clothes, or the suits of the transformed girls from Sailor Moon!

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