Body paint is just great. You can use your own body, or that of another person as a canvas and become incredibly creative. Be it as art and pure fun in creativity or be it for cosplay or LARP purposes. One thing is certain, Body Paint is great and can become a real addiction – and not only during carnival or Halloween time.

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It’s clear that more and more people are looking for good body paint products. However, anyone who wants to buy Body Paint should keep a few points in mind to get high quality products.

Because if you don’t inform yourself thoroughly before off, you run the risk of getting Body Paint that doesn’t offer the desired functions or is of inferior quality. So it is always good to compare Body Paint products and find exactly what you really need.

Buy Body Paint – important criteria

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First of all, you should think carefully about the purpose for which you want to use the Boy Paint. Body Paint can have very different properties. Important criteria can be for example

  • Coverage ratio
  • Water resistance
  • Welding Resistance
  • Black light suitability
  • Size of the body area to be covered (required quantity)
  • Used ingredients (not harmful to health, environmentally friendly, etc.)
  • Whether designed for body or face

So, if you want to paint yourself completely blue to disguise as an Avatar figure, you can’t just buy a small can of poorly covering blue paint if you want to create a really realistic impression. If this color starts to run away at the first sweat, the costume is an absolute fiasco. It also makes no sense to go to a black light party with the best body painting if the body paint doesn’t light up.

Also pay attention to how the paint should be applied. Body Paint can be applied with the bare fingers, or with a brush, sponge or even airbrush. Normally the manufacturer/supplier provides the relevant information.

You should pay particular attention to the ingredients used in Body Paint products. It is important here that there is no health hazard whatsoever. By the way, there are also products that are cosmetically certified. Some body paint suppliers also clearly point out that their products have not been tested on animals and/or that the ingredients are environmentally friendly.

Also check whether the product is designed for the body or for the face. Because facial skin is much more sensitive.

You should also pay attention to what you need for residue-free removal of make-up afterwards. For some products, lukewarm water and soap are sufficient, others require oil or special make-up removal products. In general it can be assumed that the more resistant and covering the Body Paint color is, the more difficult it is to remove the color.

Buy Body Paint – Online the best option

Buy Body Paint
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Buying Body Paint online is easy and generally the cheapest and most convenient option. Meanwhile you can get information about the different options on the internet or read articles on the subject, such as this one.

A good tip is also to read customer reviews of the individual Body Paint products, if available. That way you get a good impression of the quality and properties of Body Paint. Test portals can also be helpful in deciding on a product.