FrankenMEXX: Making The Most Of Your Visit
FrankenMEXX: Making The Most Of Your Visit 6

FrankenMEXX is one of the largest and most comprehensive anime conventions in Germany. It’s a celebration of Japanese animation, culture and art, with dealers from all over the world selling their wares and fans coming from around to meet actors, artists and performers.

There are screenings, panels, exhibitors and autograph sessions. All in all, there’s something for everyone at FrankenMEXX.

Without any further ado, let’s talk about what you can expect while visiting FrankenMEXX and how to make the most of your visit to the convention.

What Can you Expect at FrankenMEXX

The Frankenmexx convention is a two-day event celebrating all things anime and manga. From vendors to panels, cosplay, art and more, this event has something for everyone! Here are ten things you can expect at the event:

Anime screenings

Some of the most popular anime will be screened at Frankenmexx. This is a great opportunity to catch up on shows you may have missed or to revisit old favorites.

Manga library

In addition to anime, Frankenmexx will also have a manga library with plenty of titles to choose from. If you’re looking for something new to read, this is the place to be.

Panels and workshops

Attendees can participate in a variety of panels and workshops on topics related to anime, manga, and cosplay. There will also be opportunities to learn about the industry from professionals working in it.


FrankenMEXX: Making The Most Of Your Visit 7

Cosplay is highly encouraged at Frankenmexx. There will be a cosplay contest with prizes, and many attendees will dress up as their favorite characters.


A variety of vendors will be selling anime, manga, and other related merchandise. This is the perfect place to find that rare item you’ve been searching for.

Artists’ alley

Frankenmexx will have an artists’ alley where attendees can purchase original artwork and commissions. This is a great way to support local artists and find unique gifts.


convention food
FrankenMEXX: Making The Most Of Your Visit 8

Of course, no convention would be complete without food. There will be a variety of vendors selling everything from Japanese snacks to full meals.


In addition to all the anime and manga-related activities, there will also be a variety of games to play. Check out the game room for some friendly competition.


One of the highlights of Frankenmexx is the art show. Fans of anime and manga often create amazing artwork, and this is your chance to see it all in one place.


Meetups are a great way to make new friends who share your interests. Frankenmexx will have several meetups for fans of specific anime, manga, and cosplay.

These are just a few of the many things you can expect at Frankenmexx. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just getting started, this convention is sure to be a fun and exciting experience.

How to Make the Most of Your Visit to Frankenmexx

Make the Most of Your Visit to Frankenmexx
FrankenMEXX: Making The Most Of Your Visit 9

There are a lot of great events and activities for attendees to enjoy, so it is important that you get the most out of your trip! Here are some things you should do before, during and after the convention:

Before the Convention

  • Plan your schedule in advance. This will help you make the most of your time at the convention. There are a lot of panels, workshops and events to choose from, so it is important to have a plan.
  • Make sure you have all of your supplies ready. This includes things like cosplay, snacks and water.
  • Pack comfortable shoes! You will be doing a lot of walking, so it is important to have footwear that won’t give you blisters.
  • Charge your phone and camera batteries. You will want to take lots of pictures and videos during the convention, so make sure your devices are fully charged.
  • Get plenty of rest before the convention. You will be busy and want to be well-rested for all the fun.
  • Bring some spending money. There will be plenty of vendors selling anime and manga merchandise, so it is a good idea to have some cash on hand.
  • Have a backup plan for your cosplay. Things can always go wrong, so it is wise to have a backup plan for your cosplay (such as a safety pin).

During the Convention

  • Have fun! This is the most important thing. Frankenmexx is a great place to make new friends and memories.
  • Take lots of photos. You’ll want to remember this trip for years to come.
  • Attend as many panels and events as you can. There is a lot to learn and experience at Frankenmexx.
  • Be respectful of other attendees. This is a fun and friendly convention, so please be respectful to everyone you meet.
  • Be prepared for crowds. Frankenmexx is a popular convention, so be prepared for large crowds.
  • Drink plenty of water. It is important to stay hydrated, especially if you are wearing a cosplay costume.
  • Have a backup plan. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. If you get lost, or something isn’t working out, don’t be afraid to ask for help or change your plans.

After the Convention

  • Make sure to thank the volunteers and staff who helped make Frankenmexx happen. They put a lot of hard work into making the convention a success, and they deserve our appreciation.
  • Reflect on your experience. Frankenmexx is a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot to take in. Once you’re home, take some time to relax and think about all the great things you did and saw.
  • Share your photos and stories with friends and family. They’ll be interested to see what you did while you were at Frankenmexx.
  • Start planning for next year! Frankenmexx is an annual event, so there is always something to look forward to.
  • Stay involved with the convention community. There are many ways to stay involved, such as volunteering, attending other conventions and following Frankenmexx on social media.
  • Give back to the community. If you enjoyed your experience at Frankenmexx, you could consider donating to the convention or volunteering your time to help out next year.

We hope this guide helps you make the most of your Frankenmexx experience! Remember to have fun and enjoy all that the convention has to offer.

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