What would be a perfect cosplay without the matching shoes? That's right, not a perfect cosplay! Take a look around our shoe paradise.


Our rookie cosplay mistake was forgetting the very thing you’ll find in this section: cosplay shoes. You’ve styled your hair, put on elaborate make-up, spent weeks tailoring the perfect cosplay costume, only to find out in the end that your cosplay shoes are missing. And you can believe us that it looks really stupid to wear normal shoes with a successful cosplay outfit, especially if the color doesn’t even match.
But you shouldn’t have to repeat our rookie mistake, that’s why you’re on CosplayHero, the webshop that offers you everything.
Many a crafting genius might now want to object that anyone who tailors a costume can also craft the shoes to go with the costume. That may be, but sometimes the time is not enough or the talent is not yet trained enough to conjure up a great result. But maybe the complete outfit should not be homemade from scratch, but conveniently ordered on the Internet.


Be it because you can’t or don’t want to make the various components yourself, or because the desired items are to be a gift. From Japanese wooden sandals, the Geta, for the perfect finishing touch when wearing kimono, to high patent and leather boots for the cheeky chibi look a la Sailor Moon, to the menacing look of a Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, to cool sneakers like from Soul Eater or the Shin Megami Tensai Persona series.
We offer you a wide range of looks, pre-sorted in different sizes and colours. Alternative materials are also available if your Geta doesn’t need to be made of wood, for example. Overcoats for your favourite shoes are also possible. These sleeves are usually made of fabric and can easily be laced over your regular shoes. This may not look quite as convincing, but it’s usually enough for a visit to a cosplay fair or convention if you want to move around a lot. For video shoots or photo shoots you can still fall back on the “real” counterparts. In addition to shoes, boots and sandals modeled after your favorite cosplay characters, we also carry fan merchandise for your feet. For example, comfortable sneakers with a print of Chihiro’s Journey to Wonderland aka Spirited Away. But we also have merchandise shoes from mangas, movies and games for other themes besides anime.
Just have a look around and find out which shoes you like best or are still missing for your cosplay. We’re looking forward to seeing you too.