Cosplays for every occasion

Cosplay always goes. Honestly, wearing a disguise or getting into the theme of dressing up has more than just one occasion or one day a year. Why else would we run a webshop if, for example, there was only Carnival or Halloween, or only one day a year for cosplays?

There are so many themes, holidays, and events throughout the year that we want you to be well equipped for them too!
The aforementioned classic of disguises is, of course, Carnival, or Fasching. The popular folk festival invites you in every city for good mood and funny dressing up and has more than one party to choose from. The creepy counterpart around ghosts, demons and other horror characters is of course Halloween. Whether it’s a horror-themed theme party, fun trick-or-treating with kids, or a costumed movie night.


Speaking of movie night, how about a sci-fi Star Wars or Star Trek movie marathon? Of course, all the other awesome science fiction movies and series give great ideas too! Chilling is too boring for you? No problem with our animal costumes you can let the sow out. Or the sexy cat and the stud. You'll have to see for yourself what kind of hangover you want to have the next morning. So, enough of the dirty fantasy - let's get to the fantasy, LARP, as Live Action Roleplaying is always an imaginative change from the grey daily grind and a great way to unpack your fantasy costumes to boot.
If you don't like orcs, goblins and dragons or the whole magic thing, you can of course wear and present your medieval cosplay costume at one of the numerous medieval markets.
You don't want to miss out on so much technical progress and all the fascinating machines, then you should visit the Steampunk Festival. The fascinating world based on Jules Verne is always a feast for the eyes and a great inspiration for new costumes. Steam instead of just smoke and mirrors :)

Sci-Fi, Steampunk and Fantasy

And just in case you actually take every holiday, party, convention, and just about every event with you, and every shoot is done too - no problem, we have enough everyday wear for you with our great selection of cosplay casual wear that will highlight your love for cosplay, but still be just right for "normal" days.
Since a large selection of products is of course only useful if you can afford them, we here at CosplayHero have also looked at different budgets. From the cheap costume for beginners to the noble premium cosplay in handmade quality, which you can't get better homemade, everything is thought of.
And those who think not only of themselves, but above all of others, also know that shared joy is double joy. How can you double the fun of cosplay you ask? Well with partner costumes, or the possibility to buy outfits for your partner cosplay! Find here everything you need to have an unforgettable cosplay experience with your friends or your partner!