Your hair is too short, too long, or the wrong color? Just buy one of our cosplay wigs, you won't regret it.


There is hardly any other field where we find such impressive and stylish hairstyles and wacky hair colors as in cosplay. Especially because of the large part of anime and manga in cosplay, as well as just Japanese videogame cosplays, very unusual hairstyles are in demand. The colors shine like neon signs, while every single strand of hair sits perfectly and, optimally, doesn’t budge in a gust of wind. All the ingenious hairstyles, of course, you can do yourself with a lot of practice and skill. If you don’t have a knack for it yourself, it’s also great fun to work on the most amazing cosplay hairstyles together with friends.
However, if you often want to change your hairstyle, for example because you often do shoots for videos or photos, or in your job you can’t just show up with a flashy hairstyle, you should think about our other solution. Your hair will also soon rebel if it is repeatedly blonded, dyed, toupeed and maltreated with straighteners and curling irons. What is our solution to the problem?
It’s easy, reach for our huge selection of cosplay wigs!


It saves lots of time if you use a ready styled wig for your anime hairstyle. Your hair will thank you for not having to spend hours styling your own hair and also wigs allow you to change your look several times in just one day, which is a boon especially for long shooting days. This allows you to work more efficiently and achieve a better result. Because the less time you spend on your hair, the more time there is for photo shoots, video shoots or other perfect appearances in your favorite cosplay.
But for spontaneous ideas wigs are the best solution. There’s a Visual Kei party tonight? No problem, quickly into the outfit and even faster put on the wig.
You want to portray a different character, don’t you, because your first idea doesn’t appeal to you anymore or is too often present at the convention? With a wig, the problem is quickly solved. So do your hair a favor and take care of it. Maybe you don’t need time off, but your hair will thank you for it! And think of the time savings, too. With CosplayHero’s wigs, you’ll never be late again just because you had to get your hair done. Just take a look around, we have wigs in all colors and shapes that you can order from us. No matter if cosplay wig, anime wig or movie prop wig. You can buy them all at CosplayHero.