You already have a sci-fi, medieval or fantasy armor, but you are missing the helmet? Buy the coolest cosplay helmets & masks with us.

The coolest helmets

We’re not telling you anything new with the phrase “First impressions count!”, are we? And where do we look for first impressions? No, not there, you piglets! In the face, of course! When it comes to cosplay, that means catching a glimpse of elaborately made-up faces, gorgeous hairstyles and unique accessories – right?
The characters and figures we want to portray are not always human or undisguised. It is also possible to paint a spiderman mask or the mask of Batman on the face, but this will be less convincing (exception: in a bodypaintcosplay) and then there are the figures, which you just can’t represent with styling. We’re thinking masked icons like Darth Vader, Darth Maul, the killer from Scream, or Hannibal Lecter.
Now if we move a little further in the direction of aliens and other non-human beings from anime, film and gaming, the selection of potential masks only grows. Xenomorphs and Predators are best invited to Alien vs. Predator fights in masks, and characters like Groot from “Guardians of the Galaxy” or Billy the horror doll from “Saw” also work much better with a mask.

Disguise yourself

But your heads should not only decorate masks, just as important are helmets. By example, you should always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle or bicycle, but we’re going for cosplay helmets. The big black helmet of Sauron from “The Lord of the Rings” really makes an impression, same game with a Transformers cosplay.
Game is the next keyword. As we all know, 2018 is the year of Battle Royale games and sooner or later, that too will be reflected in cosplay. Battleroyale primal PUBG (Playerunknow’s Battlegrounds) and Fortnite are just asking for helmets and masks. The iconic steel helmet from the PUBG logo really makes a statement as a helmet for a cosplay.
The masks offered on CosplayHero are well sorted and offer a wide range of materials and price ranges. So you can decide for yourself what is important to you in your cosplay helmets and cosplay masks and how much you want to change yourself.
Not only your wallet feels good, but also your head thanks to the great comfort of our range. From plastic to rubber to latex masks, there is something for every skin and every taste.
Also with the helmets different sizes were considered and also here there is for each budget the suitable alternative and the perfect material.
Everything as always convenient to order online and with secure payment. At CosplayHero, we want to make you feel good from the first click of your mouse. We look forward to your shopping for cosplay helmets and masks!