The enemy is coming? With us you can buy cool cosplay replicas, bows, swords, laser weapons and more!


It’s not all peace, joy, pancakes in the world of cosplay. Sure, there are many collaborations and helpful communities and many outfits and costumes are created with other people, but when it comes to the finished work as the complete cosplay outfit with styling and makeup…That’s where the battle of the cosplay pros can come in, especially at conventions and competitions. Speaking of combat, we also have CosplayHero also cosplay weapons that you can buy online and order without risk.
Of course, our armory is only show weapons, or decorative items that are as safe as toys for children.
For one thing, we think it’s unnecessary to offer real weapons, as they’re just an unnecessary risk of injury. Also, many exhibition halls and events do not allow you to enter the premises with a real, or live, weapon. You can only look people in the head. Or in front of the mask. Now you’re disappointed and think it’s totally uncool? Don’t panic, no one will think your cosplay is any less cool just because you can’t actually shoot deadly poison arrows or your battle hammer doesn’t actually weigh several hundred kilograms. It’s all about showmanship and having fun!
With a little varnish, if at all necessary with the great cosplay weapons, and a few sound effects, the illusion of a dangerous war toy can be kept alive wonderfully. This way you will make a real impression on every occasion and stay in the memory of your audience for a long time.


The selection of cosplay weapons is from smaller daggers and throwing stars to modern firearms like assault rifles to medieval and fantasy weapons that are “larger than life” knows no bounds at CosplayHero.
If modern games don’t allow it, at least with cosplay you can decide whether Lara Croft should fight with a bow in her latest adventures or with the iconic double pistols. Why have only one gun when you can shoot with two? Cosplay favorite Pyramidhead from Silent Hill 2 is a scary sight in itself. But with a gigantic machete almost bigger than himself, the appearance will make your blood run cold. For the moving parcour cosplay fans among you, we of course have the hidden blades of the assassins from Assassin’s Creed on offer.
When the Force calls to you or you’re drawn to the dark side, you should reach for the lightsabers. The various lightsaber replicas cover every budget, from simple toys as gags, to high quality movie props.
Phasers, blasters and other laser weapons also make the heart of every sci-fi fan skip a beat and equip even intergalactic heroes like Star-Lord or Master Chief.
Friends of the cultivated sword fight and also the Highlander among you, will be pleased about the large selection of swords, daggers and other blade weapons. And if you want to take it a notch cooler, reach for ninja weapons and samurai swords – yes, we carry katanas too!
No matter what you choose, we are convinced that our selection of cosplay weapons at low prices will convince you as well. So look no further on the internet and browse CosplayHero!