Dragon Ball is originally a manga series drawn by Akira Toriyama and published in Weekly Shonen Jump. The main theme of the story is the adventures of Son Goku, his friends and family. These are in constant battles with a variety of opponents. For this purpose the so-called Dragon Balls are used again and again. Find your Dragon Ball Cosplay now.

This is what Dragon Ball is all about

The manga series was first adapted as a 153-part television series after publication began and aired on Fuji TV. With the birth of Son-Gohan, the first series was then ended and a second series called Dragon Ball Z was started. The third Dragon Ball GT television series is then based on the original Mange in only a few basic ways. The same applies to the feature film shot in the meantime.

For its part, the Dragon Ball Z remake is known as Dragon Ball Kai. This is where the old episodes were heavily resumed. Finally, in 2015, the new anime series Dragon Ball Super was released.

The German premiere aired on RTL II in 1999, as did subsequent episodes of Dragon Ball Z and GT.


The manga Dragon Ball is about the exciting adventures of the protagonist Son-Goku and his friends. They are always on the lookout for the seven Dragon Balls and have to survive numerous trials and dangers along the way.

The story begins with Son-Goku’s childhood from the age of twelve and his subsequent time as a teenager (volumes 1 to 16). Volumes 17 to 42 deal with his life as an adult. The individual storylines are divisible into sagas and become more complicated and intricate as the plot progresses.

By and large, it’s always about the struggle between good and evil. The goal of Son-Goku and his friends is to save the Earth. To this end, they constantly face vicious demons, dangerous warriors, power-hungry aliens, and must also defeat opponents from the future.

Firmly part of the story are martial arts tournaments in which both Son-Goku and his friends participate.

By the way, the place of action is not exclusively the earth, but often for a short time other planets or even the hereafter. As the story progresses, it turns out that both the Earthly God and Piccolo are Namekians and are from the planet Namek, and Son-Goku is a Saiyajin from the planet Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Cosplay Characters

Besides Son-Goku, the clear main character, numerous other important characters appear, which we would like to introduce here briefly, since all characters are popular motifs for Dragon Ball cosplay:

  • Son Goku Cosplay
    Son Goku is a Saiyan. Immediately after his birth, he was classified as an underclass warrior and sent to Earth to exterminate humanity. He is Bardock’s second son and his older brother is Radditz. His real name is Kakarott.
  • Super Saiyajin Cosplay
    A Super Saiyajin is a possible transformation of Saiyajins and their offspring. The Saiyajin who become Super Saiyajin gain blonde hair, which stands up into a characteristic spiky hairstyle. The transformation means a great increase in combat power.
  • Vegeta Cosplay
    Just like Son Goku, Vegeta is a Saiyajin. This is a prince, as he is the son of King Vegeta. He serves Freezer after the latter destroyed the planet Vegeta and its inhabitants. His entourage is Radditz and Nappa. Together, they invade planets in Freezer’s name, wipe out the population, and auction it off to the highest bidder. However, Vegeta is doing all of these things because he is currently still too weak to defeat Freezer and get revenge. Thus, he’s just waiting to punish Freezer at some point for making him the “Prince of Saiyans.” …into a slave.
  • Broly Cosplay
    Broly is also a Saiyajin who had a fighting power of 10,000 at birth.
  • Gogeta cosplay
    This is a fusion of Son Goku and Vegeta, created by a fusion dance (Metamorph’s fusion method).
  • Bardock Cosplay
    Bardock was the father of Son Goku and Radditz and was also a Saiyajin warrior. He was killed in the failed defense of Planet Vegeta against Freezer.
  • Son Goten Cosplay
    Son Goten is the second son of Son Goku and Chichi and Son Gohan’s younger brother.

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