Are you looking for LOL cosplays? You want to be Jinx? Here you can find the coolest League of Legends Cosplays!


It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 10 years since Riot Games released the legendary free-to-play MOBA League of Legends. Players in the hundreds of millions play this competitive fireworks display of strategy, tactics and action. The game is financed by microtransactions, which are purely cosmetic in nature. This is how LoL, that is League of Legends protects itself from getting the deadly reputation of “pay-to-win”. Well, from a purely technical point of view, there are skins, i.e. modifications of the outer appearance of the champions that make certain animations and abilities more difficult to recognize through color coordination, but in tournament play, these very skins are prohibited and thus not really a problem for the balance of the game.
League of Legends is an extremely important title for the e-sports scene. Regular tournaments and live broadcasts of major matches attract large numbers of spectators. Multi-million dollar prize pools speak to the viability of this game.
As mentioned above, League of Legends is a MOBA. Traditionally, two teams face each other, with each team controlling one half of the game. There are usually several paths that lead to the other team’s area. These paths are called lanes. On these lanes, units not controlled by the players, the minions move in a steady stream to the other side. The task now is to stop these minions from destroying their own towers and their own main building, the Nexus. Eliminating minions and enemy player characters, the champions will be rewarded with experience and gold. This way, your own units can be strengthened.


There is also the option to deviate from the fixed paths and attack stronger creatures in the jungle, also for various bonuses. So every round of League of Legends is a frantic game of cat and mouse: Who has the more evolved and better equipped champions? Who has the better tactics? The many tickets and regular special events keep the game exciting.
Cosplay for League of Legends is even seen with glee by the game makers! The game’s website has a dedicated cosplay section where contests are held regularly!
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Don’t have inspiration yet on which champion you want to embody? Here are a few suggestions:
Master Yi, with his green sword and strong plate armor in gold and silver.
Koi Nami, the warrior mermaid with her flaming staff.
Jayce, the flagship steampunk champion with his armor of bronze, copper, fur and of course gears. He is armed with a gigantic warhammer.
Tryndamere, the Nordic-inspired champion with scale armor, horned helmet, and a free torso.
Arcane Sona, the motley gamer in bright colors, stars and a controller as a weapon. Blast Zone Heimerdinger, the quintessential mad professor with a storm haircut and lots of grime.
Kayle, Angel Warrior with impressive wings and golden armor – would also look great in Diablo 3!
Bomb thrower Ziggs, the furry ears are deceiving, anyone who gets too close to this explosion fan will see the shreds fly.
But no matter which of the 140 champions you want to represent, you can order everything for your League of Legends cosplay here!