Minecraft is cult, has been for many years. That's why we have all the merch you could ever want for your world of blocks.


With his open-world sandbox game, Markus “Notch” Persson created one of the most popular and best-selling video games of all time. His company Mojang has since been sold to Microsoft, so Notch has been able to retire himself. With ports for all major consoles and operating systems, players around the world are regularly provided with new updates. Whole libraries of guidebooks and help books can be found on the shelves of bookstores and even various novels are based on the hit game. For example, the book series “The Village” or “Dice World”. Also players who want a little more story and prefer dubbed dialogues instead of freedom will find a successful change with the adventure spinoffs “Minecraft Storymode” by Telltale Games. Even a feature film is on the way and is scheduled to open in theaters in 2019. The great expandability through mods and the limitless freedom of the game world itself motivates players not only to impressive buildings and ingenious works, no, even the horror has found its way into Minecraft.


In addition to its own horror figure, the Enderman – an allusion to the horror icon “Slender Man”, there have always been stories about the mysterious figure “Herobrine”. This one is said to be the embodiment of Notch’s deceased brother and has been spotted by gamers time and time again. The glowing white eyes and tragic story…are nothing more than a diligently retold scary story 😉
For cosplay, a few possibilities can be found as a basis. So you can start with the player models “Steve” or “Alex”. Steve is wearing a light blue shirt, blue jeans, grey shoes and has brown short hair. Alex, in contrast, has long reddish hair, a green shirt, brown pants, and gray boots. What’s special about it for a cosplay? Of course, you can get these clothes and style yourself that way, but you can only really be recognized as a Minecraft cosplayer if you use the important style element of the Minecraft game: Blocks! The retromodern pixel aesthetic can be cool with cardboard boxes or 3D printers. You can go completely wild and represent every part of your body in block form or put on the clothes mentioned above and add a Minecraft block mask to it, or buy it from us. The matching pixel weapons can also be made out of cardboard or varnished wood. If you like, we can also offer you the matching weapons ready-made.
Want to enter the party, or convention with a bang, then a Creeper cosplay is the way to go. The silent, green creature in the camouflage pattern and the black eyes, as well as the wide open mouth, comes in the cube look really well! Then, when you hide a speaker or loud smartphone in your costume and play the iconic hiss that players hear right before a Creeper explodes, the grins are on your side.
Whether you want to DIY a lot of your Minecraft cosplay or order the cube costumes ready to go, we’re here to help!


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