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Are you looking for a Legend of Zelda Link Cosplay? With us you can buy a great Link costume. As a cosplay shop we offer you the most different Zelda cosplays. Whether you want to buy a Zelda Cosplay or Dark Link Cosplay, you can find all the Zelda costumes you want here. If you’re like us, you have the enchanting theme music in your head just by reading the name “The Legend of Zelda.” And if you’re like us and have an earworm of the Zelda main theme for the next few hours, try distracting yourself by putting together a Zelda cosplay outfit. If the game name surprisingly doesn’t mean anything to you, let us give you a quick The Legend of Zelda crash course.
Ever since the first game was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES for short, fans have been arguing whether Zelda games are more like role-playing games or adventure games. Well, at the latest with Breath of the Wild, there’s definitely a lot of RPG in The Legend of Zelda.
The video games in the massive Nintendo franchise tend to be similar in structure. You play Link, or a descendant of an unnamed legendary hero. Buy Link Cosplay now.

Link Cosplay, Zelda Cosplay & Dark Link Cosplay

At the beginning, you are still weak and ordinary, anything but a powerful hero. But sooner or later your village, if not the whole world, will need you. Usually the villain and boss is the nasty Ganondorf. As you journey through the vast world of Hyrule, you’ll acquire increasingly powerful equipment and battle gigantic bosses. In doing so, the Zelda world is full of secrets and hidden items to discover. It’s the great mix of swordplay, exploration, creative puzzles and riddles, and the creative and colorful world that make The Legend of Zelda games so popular. And even though there are already over 20 Zelda games out there, you don’t need any prior knowledge of Zelda to enjoy the games. Except for a few allusions and recurring characters, each game by and large stands on its own. Of course you can also make a Link costume yourself, but you can buy Premium Link Cosplays directly from us. With our Link costumes you will be the star at the next convention. We also have Zelda costumes on sale, perfect for couple cosplay. Buy Zelda Link Costume, directly from our Zelda store.

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Breath of the Wild Cosplays of Link and Zelda can be found here as well. Botw Link cosplays with the blue warrior robe set themselves apart in color from familiar Twilight Princess Link cosplays and Skyward Sword costumes. In our opinion, you’re sure to look mega with the new Botw Link cosplay from us. By the way, here is the Breath of the Wild Link cosplay by SnowDragon.

Link Cosplay Zelda

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If you want to delve deeper into the world of Hyrule, you can get the full timeline with the encyclopedia “Hyrule Historia”. But beware, the many alternate timelines and parallel worlds can be quite confusing. Whether you’re an action, fantasy, adventure, or role-playing game lover, The Legend of Zelda offers something out of the ordinary for every gamer with its colorful gameplay mix and superbly designed games.
You’ve been a big fan for a long time and want to slip into the skin of the legendary hero Link? Become a hero with our The Legend of Zelda Link Cosplays from Botw, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. you too can quickly and easily become the skin of the green-clad adventurer with the pointy ears. Or dressed in blue, since the latest game called Breath of the Wild has changed the color of the clothes and also removed the famous cap for aesthetic reasons. So would you rather buy a blue Link costume or buy a classic green Link cosplay?
But no matter if you like it green or blue, with or without a cap – with us you get everything you need for a The Legend of Zelda Link Cosplay Outfit.
Sure, you’ll have to fight a lot of dangerous battles on your adventures. But unlike in the games, you don’t need the full range of useful tools like boomerangs or even bombs for your Link cosplay, for an impressive Link cosplay sword and shield are perfectly sufficient. For a Breath of the Wild cosplay, of course, there’s nothing wrong with the bow!
In addition a pair of brown suede boots and cloth trousers and a short coat in green or blue and after taste still a long cap. But Link wouldn’t be Link if he didn’t have the pointy ears like an elf. You can also find the link ears for your costume in this shop category. If your hair is not the right color or length, we also carry the right wig for you. Yes, you can buy a great link wig here. So then, strap your shield to your back, pick up the Master Sword, and ride Epona to the next convention. And if you don’t want to go alone, a Princess Zelda Cosplay or Ganondorf Cosplay make wonderful partner costumes 😉

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