Take on the role of Geralt of Riva or Ciri with these epic Witcher cosplays. Just take a look around!

Geralt Cosplay, Yennefer Cosplay & Ciri Cosplay

Geralt of Riva, The White Wolf has become one of the most popular characters in the role-playing genre. Conceived by Polish fantasy author Andrzej Sapkowski, he is the protagonist of many novels and short stories. Geralt has improved reaction time and is faster and hears better than normal humans. This is the result of various mutations on his way to becoming a sorcerer. He earns his money as a monster hunter and protector of the people who despise him at the same time. Most people know the character Geralt of Riva through the video game trilogy “The Witcher”, at least since the third part “Wild Hunt”. However, the many novels have also gained momentum since the success of the video game adaptation, finding new printings and audiobook versions. Meanwhile, streaming giant “Netflix” has commissioned a series and is expected to blow new wind into the fantasy world. In 2001, however, the first step was taken with the film adaptation of “The Hexer” and the subsequent TV production in 2002. For Netflix, the hope here is that fans and critics will be more sympathetic to the modern version than the Polish original, which is generally considered a flop.
What’s not a flop is a The Witcher cosplay! Here you will not only find the Geralt Cosplay, but also a Ciri Cosplay or Yennefer Cosplay. Buy The Witcher Cosplays for all Characters now.

The perfect couple costume: Geralt Cosplay with Ciri or Yennefer

To make a good figure as Geralt of Riva in your Geralt Cosplay, long white hair is necessary. In addition, a white or gray beard and some scars on the face. Geralt of Riva’s outfit can vary for your Geralt cosplay, but the safest bet is to go with a combination of leather and chain armor in brown and black. Shoulder plates and various straps to accommodate witching utensils and two swords are very important! And what should not be missing is the amulet of Geralt. The head of the white wolf is the symbol and identifying feature of all and is also the logo of the video games. For inspiration or as a first base you can look around in our section of medieval costumes. Alternatively, of course, we have the full Geralt of Riva cosplay outfit available.

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Two other popular characters for Witcher cosplay are the Ciri cosplay and Yennefer Cospaly.
Ciri looks like the female counterpart of Geralt of Riva. She also has long white hair and some scars on her face, her eyes are made up jet black. Her clothes have white and brown elements. She usually wears brown leather lace-up pants, wide belts, and white cloth clothing. There must be room for a sword and pockets full of utensils here too! In alternate looks for your Ciri cosplay, she wears chain armor with fur, though the white cloth variant is the more common.
Yennefer keeps her style completely black. Long black hair, black leather gloves, a black loose fitting top, long black stockings and a black skirt. Brown belts round off the look. Yennefer von Vengerberg likes to show herself with a long and dark hood. With her, the glowing amulet is an important detail. No matter which Witcher character you choose, Witcher Geralt of Riva Cosplay, Lion Cub of Cintra Ciri Cosplay, or Sorceress Yennefer Cosplay – we can help you find your perfect The Witcher Cosplay costume and buy it easily!