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The Pokémon are universally known – first and foremost, of course, the cute Pikachu. However, few people know the history of the popular game! Buy Pokemon Cosplay and Pokemon Costumes now.

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Buy Pokemon Cosplay and Pokemon Costume

Pokémons (roughly Pocket Monsters) are cute little creatures that everything in the games and TV series Pokémon revolves around. They were invented by Satoshi Tajiri. Worldwide, the games have sold well over 150 million copies and there are even actual Pokémon cars and a Pokémon airplane.

The first games (Pokémon Red (Japan) and Pokémon Green (Japan)) were released in their country of origin, Japan, on 02/27. Published in 1996 – 24 years ago. The release followed in the USA on 30.09.1998 and in Europe on 30.10.1999.

Number of Pokémon

After so many years of a success story, there are now huge numbers of Pokémons in circulation. Because each edition of the game brings new characters.

While there were 151 Pokémon in Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Yellow, as well as in the Nintendo 64 game Pokémon Stadium, there were 251 Pokémon in Pokémon Gold, Pokémon Silver and Pokémon Crystal, as well as in the Nintendo 64 game Pokémon Stadium 2.

When the Game Boy Advance editions were released, that number jumped to 386 in Pokémon Ruby, Pokémon Sapphire, Pokémon Emerald, Pokémon Fire Red, and Pokémon Leaf Green, as well as in the Nintendo Gamecube games Pokémon Colosseum (also in Pokémon Box) and Pokémon XD: Dark Storm.

This was followed by a remarkable 493 in the games Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl. There are also 493 Pokémon available in the Nintendo Wii game Pokémon Battle Revolution.

It can be assumed that the number of Pokémon will continue to increase steadily.

In the anime series, Ash Ketchum, born. 22 May 1986. He is – and then remains forever – 10 years old and comes from Kanto, a small town called Alabastia where he lives together with his mother Delia. His biggest dream is to become a Pokémon Master. Therefore, he travels with the electric mouse Pikachu, through different regions.

Pikachu – clearly the most famous and popular Pokémon.

With so many Pokémon to choose from, we can’t describe them all, so we’ll tell you a little bit about the main character, Pikachu. Because as far as Pokémon cosplay goes, it’s almost all about the cute Pikachu and, of course, wannabe master Ash Ketchum.

Pikachu is a first generation type Pokémon. He is an evolution of Pichu and the pre-evolution of Raichu or Alola Raichu. Special Pikachu have been capable of Gigadynamaximization since Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Pikachu’s shape is rodent-like, and in fact he was inspired by a squirrel. Initially, his body was relatively fat, but has become slimmer over time. Pikachu is yellow and has two brown stripes on his back. The hind paws have three toes, while the front paws have five fingers. The cute face consists of the mouth, a rather small nose, two round brown eyes with black pupils and the two red cheeks filled with crackling electricity. Especially characteristic are the elongated, pointed ears with black colored tips. The striking long tail, which is more lightning-shaped, clearly catches the eye. Although generally yellow as well, the tail turns brown at the base.

Pikachu are very social Pokémon and live in groups, preferably in forests. One distinctive feature is that they can store electricity in their jaws, which they can use to conveniently recharge weak conspecifics.

The Pikachus greet each other by rubbing their tails together, through which a charge of electricity flows. Pikachu cosplay is really super popular.

Prophylactically, Pikachu chase an electric shock through everything new. However, should a Pikachu discharge all of its energy at once, a violent flash will occur. Then, when groups of several Pikachu are together, a lightning storm occurs. You could probably easily run a small power plant with several Pikachus. By the way, the Pikachus need to discharge their energy regularly in small doses, otherwise stress will occur. But where can you buy a Pokemon cosplay? Of course at CosplayHero, we have the perfect Pokemon costume for kids and adults.

Overnight, the cheek pouches recharge. Once a Pikachu is sleep-deprived, it can only discharge weak power.

As a Pokémon, Pikachu uses many attacks related to electricity, such as Thunder Shock, Thunder Bolt, and Charge Strike. Pikachu’s most distinctive feature is his tremendous speed, which allows him to use attacks such as Jerk Strike or Reveal, or duplicate himself by moving quickly using Double Team. Find your Pokemon costume and buy a Pokomon Cosplay now.

Pikachu still has two Z attacks, which can only be used specifically by Pikachu. In addition, the cute monsters have the ability to paralyze an attacker by a charge to 30%.

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