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Super Mario, the chubby plumber is certainly one of the most famous game characters in the world, especially known for “his” genre, the jump’n run games, and of course the many great sports and racing games. Buy Super Mario Costume now. Mario and Luigi costumes for kids and adults. With our Super Mario costume you can become Mario yourself and save Peach.

Mario and Luigi costume for you. Become a plumber!

Mario was invented in 1981 by Japanese game developer Shigeru Miyamoto. Nintendo was trying to establish itself in the US market at the time and commissioned Miyamoto to create a game of the comic book character Popeye. Since Nintendo lost the Popeye rights, Miyamoto had to create his own game/character. The result of these efforts was then the game “Donkey Kong”. Here the gorilla of the same name kidnapped Mario’s girlfriend Pauline. Mario, who was initially named “Jumpman”, had to climb behind and dodge barrels to free his lover. Needless to say, the game became a huge hit and was the catalyst for Miyamoto to go on to make more Mario games.

As we all know, technology wasn’t as advanced back then as it is today, so Mario was given a comic-book look that he still retains today. He wears white gloves because they were easier to represent than hands. The same goes for the broad mustache, which was easier than a mouth. The cap avoided complicated hair movements and the jumpsuit made arm movements easier to see. The simple red and blue colors contrasted well with the black background. A Super Mario costume is perfect for any party and also as Mario cosplay. We have Super Mario costumes for kids and adults.

The name Mario first appeared in the second Donkey Kong game. It was probably based on the resemblance to the eponymous landlord of Nintendo’s warehouse. They were looking for an Italian name anyway because of Jumpman’s southern European appearance, and the simple, universally pronounceable name Mario presented itself.

The final breakthrough came in 1985 with the NES game Super Mario Bros. which, by the way, was the best-selling video game in the world for a long time with 40 million copies. With well over 100 appearances, Mario has definitely become one of the most recognizable and, more importantly, popular video game characters in the world. Mario games are the most successful video game series of all time, with several hundred million sales. Needless to say, he’s so definitely earned being Nintendo’s official mascot. And of course Mario is also a real cosplay hit!

More figures for the Super Mario Cosplay

In addition to the Super Mario costume, there are of course other characters. In addition to the emblematic and universally popular Mario, however, there are a number of other characters from the games that are also popular for cosplay or as carnival or Halloween costumes:

  • Luigi costume
    Miyamoto created a brother for Mario, Luigi, to enable multiplayer. Luigi looks just like Mario except his clothes are green instead of red. His name was chosen to sound Italian as well. Over time, Luigi became more than just the second character for multiplayer, but he never reached the level of fame of his big brother.
  • Yoshi costume
    Originally, the friendly and colorful Yoshi was only created as a side character, specifically as a mount for Super Mario World (released in 1990). But soon the minor character became a major one. Yoshi even got a few games of his own (including SM World 2 : Yoshi’s Island) and is the 3rd hero after Mario and maybe behind Luigi.
  • The Princesses / Princess Peach Costume
    The stories of the classic Mario platformers were simple and straightforward, and therefore the hero’s lover was usually kidnapped by a villain. In Mario’s first game Pauline had to suffer this fate, later it was the more famous Princess Peach. This one started out as Princess Toadstool and made her first appearance in Super Mario Bros. in 1985. In Super Mario Land (1989) and in the spin-offs (Mario Kart, Mario Party and Mario Sports) Princess Daisy appeared. When it comes to cosplay, Peach is practically the only one to make an appearance.
  • Toad costume
    Toad is merely a supporting character, mostly helping the hero and giving him advice and support. Every now and then, Toad also plays the referee or the game master (e.g. in the first Mario Party games). The most prominent representative of the Toads, the mushroom-headed normal population of the Mushroom Kingdom, is Princess’ most loyal servant.
  • Bowser costume
    Bowser is the arch-villain that every game of this ilk absolutely needs. He first appeared in 1985’s Super Mario Bros. For the first time and has since made it his stated goal to kidnap Princess Peach and otherwise spread as much terror as possible. As a result, he gained a lot of notoriety and definitely has his own fan base around the world.
  • Donkey Kong Costume
    Donkey Kong was the original villain in the early games of the same name, who was imprisoned by Mario.
  • Wario costume (not to be confused with the Super Mario costume)
    Wario is Mario’s cousin, who is quite jealous of his famous cousin’s successes. He is considered to be extremely greedy for money, selfish and obsessed with treasure. Wario first appears as a villain in 1992’s Super Mario Land 2, where he occupies Mario’s castle. After that, he even got a starring role in the Gameboy game “Wario Land”. Along with his fictional brother Waluigi (who makes no other appearances), Wario is featured in many parts of Mario Kart, Mario Party and Mario Sports.

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Of course you will also find many great options in our shop to equip yourself for the Super Mario Cosplay, for the carnival parade or the Halloween party. In addition to great options for adults, of course, the little ones are not neglected, because after all, especially among children Mario and Co. is one of the most popular video game characters. Become a plumber and chase Bowser with our Super Mario costume!