Medieval, LARP, Fantasy, Armor: Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit & more cool fantasy cosplays and costumes buy.

The Elf King calls

Praise the sun, for Harry is a wizard. But before you get to the holy grail, it’s first “You shall not pass!”. Put on your wizard robe, protect the dragon egg and go into battle against evil forces. Ringwraiths are as welcome here as dragon riders. From Tolkien to Pratchett, you’ll find everything you need for your next fantasy cosplay.

Where the “normal” times of the Middle Ages already stimulate the imagination and give rise to romantic and adventurous ideas of exciting tournaments, great battles between knights and romantic stories of the rescued damsel or the grateful king, there is so much more to be found with a little mysticism. The world of fantasy is not so dissimilar to that of the Middle Ages and the age of chivalry, and yet so different at the same time. You could think of it like a “what if” scenario or a parallel world. There, the medieval era still exists, but is enriched with magic, dragons, spirits, and epic adventures larger than life.

Become a magician

Thanks to the colorful world of cosplay and carnivals, you can make the most fantastic stories come true – alone or with friends and helpers.
There is enough inspiration from novels and recently also from film and television. Especially in recent years, “nerdy” fantasy is back in a big way thanks to “Lord of the Rings”, “Game of Thrones” or “Shannarah” and is anything but uncool or only for nerds. So don’t be shy! Fantasy is also back on everyone’s lips in the world of video games thanks to the “Dark Souls” and “The Witcher” games. These days, you’ll definitely be recognized if you do a Geralt of Riva cosplay. Then when the ladies dress up as Daenerys Targaryen…you’re wondering who that is right now? Maybe the name Khaleesi means something to you.

more? 😉

So off you go in noble and sexy robes and armor – in the world of fantasy, protective clothing is sometimes scarce, ineffective but very handsome. Dragons want to be vanquished, orcs pushed back, ghouls chased away and demons banished again. But even far away from the “High Fantasy” with these creatures and the mainly medieval setting you can find more approaches for costumes and cosplay. Because another world-renowned franchise about magic also comes from the world of fantasy. At least after the Harry Potter books and movies, we all wanted to become wizard students and be allowed to study the world of magic at Hogwarts!

From school clothes to wands, brooms and of course wigs for Seveurs Snape’s hairstyle is taken care of. And if you’ve taken all the ingredients for your cosplay out of your own closet, at least you can still use your closet as a gateway to Narnia thanks to our great cosplay costume ideas and deals.

Whether you want to be a wizard, a giant troll, or scary old god like Cthulhu. With your costume from our shop, your next cosplay will be simply fantastic. Yes, the pun is intentional. And now go ahead, put together your perfect medieval cosplay and then a second medieval costume that you give away 😉