Star Wars, Star Trek & various sci-fi series. Dress to match your spaceship with our science fiction cosplays!

The force be with you

The Force is with you, you come in peace knowing that in space no one can hear your cries? Technology and science not only accompany your everyday life, no they fascinate you and let you explore new worlds. If your family doctor also goes by the name Who, you’re absolutely in the right place.

Science fiction has long since ceased to be a niche for lonely nerds, as seen in long-lived franchises like Star Trek, Alien, Star Wars, and Doctor Who.
Our selection reaches to infinity and much further!

Isn’t it crazy that science fiction is now considered mainstream? For the younger among us, it may not be all that strange, but it wasn’t that long ago that sci-fi had a total nerd reputation. The little fat nerd guys with pimples who live in the basement all day – you’d have thought they’d be into sci-fi. Stupid prejudices like that still exist, of course, but look around and see who you catch at screenings of Star Wars, Doctor Who or Blade Runner 😉 Cool guys and strong women, young and old parents, oh I can’t even list them all, who are now considered the target audience for Sci-Fi. Yes, science fiction has become cool!

Where's your spaceship?

Much like fantasy, there are virtually no limits to sci-fi cosplay and science fiction costumes. From humanoids, i.e. human-like creatures, to lizard creatures or the weirdest life forms in all shapes and sizes, to the classic robot, anything goes here. Of course, there’s a lot of focus on technology and science, but that’s what the name implies. Your outfit can also start with the military, like in Star Gate SG1, and be pimped out with some futuristic headsets or goggles. With uniforms as the basis for your cosplay outfit, you can never go wrong, just like with steampunk. How about some computer chips or cables for a look a la half man half machine?

A trench coat also makes a great base. Just add some weapons from the future and you have the sci-fi film noir look like from Blade Runner.

Of course, as usual with cosplay, you can get enough inspiration from anime and video games. From the tongue-in-cheek fighting machine, like the blue bomber Mega Man, the merciless Big Daddy from Bioshock to the Xbox cult classic Master Chief from the Halo Games. Ideas and franchises for your sci-fi cosplay abound. But also comic cosplay from this category can be seen again and again at fairs and events. The X-Men, for example, are also more science fiction than anything else. Of course, as always, you can break rules and conventions a bit and come up with some great crossover cosplay ideas. How about a Deadpool Darth Vader crossover then? Or a modern day Tron style assassin?

Speaking of breaking. Of course we also have the matching accessories for your science fiction outfit. So grab your crowbar and finally give Gordon Freeman a vote 😉
But also everything else that the technical heart desires is available. From phasers and laser swords to futuristic or retro-futuristic armor and the popular Darth Vader mask, you’ll find it all here. And if it should not be a mask, we also have good and cheap make-up for the alien look or the war paint of Darth Maul.

What are you waiting for? Right here, right now, you can order your perfect outfit for the best science fiction cosplay!