Steampunk is totally on trend. You want matching clothes and accessories? Then shop with us for the coolest steampunk costumes & armor. Your steampunk cosplay is waiting for you.

Era of the steam engines: Your Steampunk Cosplay

Dive into the world of bronze and steam. The fantastic world between retro science fiction and the Victorian age was inspired by the works of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. Steampunk has been growing in popularity since the 80s. And steampunk cosplays are trending. Bands like Steam Powered Giraffe and the Steamworld games have continued to push this niche towards the mainstream in recent years. In the meantime, there are entire large-scale events on the topic of steampunk. Worth mentioning are steampunk festivals like Aethercircus and the steampunk fair in Bochum. Events like steampunk picnics are also becoming more popular and bigger.

Overall, everything is very classy and awesome, don’t let the “punk” part of the name confuse you.
Steampunk has nothing in common with the snotty rock n’ roll look between protest and party. Visually, there is a lot of similarity to the world of Gothic, but it offers many surprising possibilities for customization. So there are also steampunk outfits with furry costumes or rougher looks like from the end times a la Mad Max.

We offer you in this category everything you need for the baroque to Victorian style. For the women and girls, the main focus is on very loose dresses, parasols and corsages. So you can make it as slinky or classic as you feel comfortable with! The noble pageantry always has a playful technical influence. So you will find many bronze elements, mostly gears and chains on the ball gowns, or corsages.

A steampunk cosplay is really the highlight of any theme party.

In the men’s world, i.e. clothing for men and boys, the technology theme is of course just as present. Here, too, everything is very mechanical and engineered. Clothing-wise, however, the disguises and cosplay outfits here are mostly in the military realm. So in steampunk, you often wear uniform or work clothes with the aforementioned twist.

The great thing about steampunk, in terms of cosplay and dressing up, is the incredible changeability of clothing. Basically, you can turn any piece of clothing into a matching piece of steampunk jewelry. The clothes may also be a little worn or even torn. You can quickly turn the actual blemishes into a unique piece with a little creativity and ingredients from our shop. With a few patches or even your own work from different fabrics you can create the basis. Accessories such as pocket watches, fans and parasols help to add to the Victorian flair. Give your outfit the right steampunk flair with gears, chains, badges or industrial utensils. An actually chic outfit consisting of a uniform or a pompous dress gets a nice contrast with welding goggles or a theatrical mask. Of course, from this mask would like to be brought a little more in the direction of Steam Punk. You can get all creative! You can’t go wrong with a little bronze or brass spray paint and glued on cables, wires, gears, keys or computer chips like circuit boards. As the most beautiful rule goes: there are no rules!

Everything you need for your DIY Steampunk Cosplay outfit, we have here in our online shop. So you can order everything from ready made steampunk clothes to single steampunk accessories as detailed as you need and want for your steampunk cosplay.

Stock up on masks, dresses, and showy gears for your steampunk cosplay! Be a genius scientist, a pompous lady, or unleash your inner robot!