Carnival, Mardi Gras, or whatever you want to call it. The fact is, you can buy the perfect costume for your party from us!


The classic costume party. Long before Halloween became mainstream or you even heard of cosplay, we were celebrating Mardi Gras or Carnival. And it’s not for nothing that the fools look forward to celebrating in Cologne and Düsseldorf every year!
From sexy pilots and nurses to funny clowns and crazy gag costumes, we’ve got more than just cosplay. Here’s to you!

The fifth season, as carnival is affectionately known, has many names:
Mardi Gras, Shrovetide, Mardi Gras and many more, mostly variations of “Fastnacht”. Here is usually celebrated once again exuberantly with much pleasure, before it goes into the Lent. After all, you have to let it rip before you have to fast for a fortnight, or six weeks, don’t you? Lent is the preparation for the Easter season, or more precisely the feast of Easter.

Become the eye catcher of every party

Since especially in Germany carnival has such a great importance, one might think that it is a purely German affair. But you’re wrong! Sure, in brochures and advertisements you see many ads for parties, special food and of course costumes and make-up weeks before the actual festival and you can’t ignore the traditional carnival parades either. But one tends to forget that carnival is celebrated all over the world, albeit in different variations and altered implementations. The most famous variant is the carnival in Rio, which is celebrated with particularly large parades and splendid costumes. Music plays a big role in this. Mardi Gras, the famous Mardi Gras in New Orleans is at least as loud, if not louder! At this wild festival, especially much skin is shown and beaded necklaces are thrown. This way, you’re less likely to adorn yourself with costumes, but you’ll have plenty of fun at the wild fete. In Venice, the carnival is back with reference to costumes. There, people wear handcrafted masks, mostly made of porcelain. The costumes adhere to noble and splendid gowns from the Middle Ages. In addition, there are dance and puppet theatre performances to match the theatre and opera. Another not so noble event is the traditional animal fights. If this performance is too cold for you, but you like snow and ice, we recommend the carnival in Québec. In this variation from Canada, a snowman is the celebrant’s ambassador. Here you measure yourself in the production of ice sculptures. Teams from all over the world come to participate in these ice sculpture competitions. Even in Namibia they celebrate carnival! The festivities are based on the Mainz carnival and the Cologne carnival. Why parties? Namibia celebrates six big carnival festivals throughout the year!

But no matter which version of carnival, fancy dress or carnival you are interested in, here in the online shop you will find everything you need. From Germany’s most popular costumes, pilot, nurse and clown to Venetian face masks, it’s all here. We also have cool and cute kids costumes for the carnival party at school. What child hasn’t dreamed of being a wizard, princess or superhero?

But also adults will find costumes in every size and for every taste. From simple and harmless to extravagant and sexy, everything is represented.

So the next move can come! Helau and Alaaf you fools and Jecken, think of us when you hold your next Büttenrede! We’re in the mood for some carnival games!