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What die-hard K-pop fans know, of course, may not be clear to some newcomers, so here’s a bit of info on the movement, genre, history, etc. of Kpop.

You’ll find it all here at the Kpop Shop.

K Fashion & Kawaii for all

K-Pop is the name given to a specific genre of music from South Korea, hence the name, which stands for Korean Pop. The genre is very similar to Japanese J-pop, with the real difference being that it’s sung in Korean. The main feature for the classification is therefore the language. This means that, strictly speaking, a Korean-born singer who sings in English is not classified as K-pop.

Korea has always been marked by Japanese and American influences, which has to do with the country’s history and several occupations. Of course this was reflected in the music and in the 90s the group Seo Taiji and Boys was formed. This band incorporated western elements from the genres of rap, rock and techno into their music and was the first band of the so-called K-pop genre. Since then, this music style has become a real youth culture and the bands literally shoot up like mushrooms from the ground.

Alongside the music, however, a veritable K-pop culture developed – worldwide. Because meanwhile the trendy K-Pop bands fill huge concert halls in Germany as well. The fan base is correspondingly large, especially among teenagers, but also among young adults. The music videos are especially elaborate and great made, which is why they get millions of likes on platforms like YouTube.

And who doesn’t know the world hit “Gangnam Style” by Psy? Although some people were not even aware that Psy is a representative of K-Pop music.

In any case, it is characteristic that all performances and videos are organized down to the last detail and the stars are presented absolutely flawlessly. For example, cosmetic surgery is absolutely not uncommon, and several per singer. Unfortunately, fans are following their idols and there is now a plastic surgery craze among younger and younger fans especially in Seoul.

Among the most famous K-Pop groups, which also have a lot of followers in Germany, are BTS (Bangtan Boys), EXO (split into EXO-M for the Chinese and EXO-K for the Korean version), Big Bang, Got 7 and Black Pink. Meanwhile the K-Pop Style take their songs also always more often in several languages, especially English, of course, in order to reach a wider audience.

K-Pop Merch – without identification nothing works in K-Pop!

Merch serves as identification and is just as important to the K-Pop fan community as it is to other areas of life. Because of course the merch thing is not a pure K-Pop fad, as there is typically plenty of fan material for any music genre and band. And so you can also find as a K-Pop fan a lot of great posters, t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, stickers and much more.

By the way, an informal survey of K-Pop fans revealed that the typical fan has an average of 6 K-Pop t-shirts in their closet.

Good merchandise has two main characteristics: a good and likeable story as well as excellent quality, because a real fan is attached to the clothes and doesn’t want to throw them away after two mail washes, because the prints get broken, the colors fade and the neckline is worn out. Of course, it’s especially great that K-Pop clothing is now also available in organic quality. So you can wear great merch and do something for the environment at the same time.

You should order the merch and great clothes best in time and not just shortly before the concert, because this way you get better prices and often also better selection. Shortly before a mega-event, the most popular articles can be out of stock.

K-Pop clothing – what falls under it?

So there’s no question that K-Pop’s appeal is due to the impeccably pimped image of these idols, in addition to their extremely addictive melodies and creative and outlandish dance moves. Head-to-toe styling, perfectly made-up faces, insanely colored hair and coordinated outfits round out the magic. And of course, while K-pop stars often get the latest luxury brands directly from the designers/manufacturers, fans tend not to be able to afford to walk around in thousand dollar outfits. But don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of great clothes to emulate the style of your idols for a fraction of the money at our online store. This is not just about merch clothing, but rather outfits in the style of K-Pop idols. So in the case of the girls often kawaii dresses, lots of lace, frills and glitter. Guys will find plenty of options in more masculine style without sacrificing some typical style elements of kawaii. Lots of hoodies and stylish t-shirts are of course also included. To round it all off, there’s also the matching accessories!

Just have a look around the shop at your leisure! For questions and special requests you can also contact our customer service!