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Medieval clothing in the medieval shop

The king is dead, long live the king. Let the bards tell the songs and stories, of damsels and noble knights. Here everything revolves around the glorious Middle Ages. Ride out with your squire to the distant lands. Finest robes, medieval costumes and noble armor meet here in our medieval shop with handcrafted weapons. See you soon!

What adventurous and romantic times the Middle Ages were – at least in our imagination. Of course, no one wants to live in the days of plague, witch burning, and missing smartphones these days. But everyone has dreamed of it once, even if only as a child. And if we didn’t dress up as knights, kings or damsels ourselves at carnival, then it was definitely someone from our morning circle.

There was and is a great fascination in these wild times of great celebrations after victorious battles and magnificent tournaments. To stand up to the competition with nobility, diligence and courage and then go down in history celebrated by all, that is the stuff dreams are made of.

With carnivals, medieval festivals, costume parties and of course cosplay, this exciting and noble world can come true in a safe form. Whether as a “lone warrior” or an entire court, the sometimes dark sometimes glorious times of knights and peasants, leave plenty of room for inspiration.
The more musical among us are enchanted as a bard with wonderful sounds from harp and lute the legends and stories of those times come to life. Buy medieval costumes, medieval clothing, armor and robes at CosplayHero, your medieval shop.

Become a knight with medieval clothing and armor

If you are not shy or like to let out your inner pause clown, you can make the masses laugh as a harlequin or court jester.
With more skill and dexterity, the juggler can perform his tricks and present them to the audience.

Show strength, may the knights in shining armor. Get your swords out and get into the fight (or just the tough training camp!).
But all the strength and courage melts away when the beauty of the ladies bewitches the men of the knights, squires and lords of the castle.

Medieval costumes and cosplays are a great way to adorn yourself with jewelry and fine fabrics and precious gems. A velvety sheen lies on all garments and armor. Of course, there are enough rougher outfits and coarser fabrics for the poor population of peasants and beggars. The variety is great and so are the implementation possibilities. Of course, the accessories must not be missing. A horse without its bridle can be ridden, but will not make much impression on other knights. Likewise, a fighter without his arsenal of weapons will not be taken seriously. Equip yourself with swords, axes, daggers, hammers, morning stars and shields. Also bow and arrow or the faithful crossbow may not be missing.

Of course, the pacifists and diplomats also have a wide selection of weaponless accessories and accoutrements for their medieval outfits. From velvet gloves and veils to instruments to finely crafted masks for the masked ball, armor, medieval clothing – in this category you will find what you are looking for.

Give your sweetheart a very special gift! Shower her/him not only with love, but with jewels and a coronation as king. Or just continue browsing the medieval category and find great gift ideas or a nice little something for yourself.