When it comes to the Shounen Genre in anime, One Piece is part of the big three, alongside Dragon Ball Z and Naruto. This pirate-themed show is one of the most successful and longest-running anime shows and has aired for over 20 years. One Piece has astounding world-building, and the story revolves around multiple unforgettable characters with unique ambitions. As many fans have literally grown up with the series, the fandom continues to shower the series with love with their Cosplays.

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One Piece - Straw  Hats Crew
One Piece Cosplays

Filled with passion and laughter, the Straw Hat Pirates are a fun-loving crew of pirates who set sail to make their dreams come true. All these characters have united under different circumstances and from the most distant of lands. Together this crew decided to sail together in search of adventure! They are brave, crazy, and foolish, but they have quite an impressive collection of stories. 

One Piece hardly needs an introduction and can be summarized in three words, Pirates, Adventure, and Nakama! So without further ado, are you ready for adventure? We’ve searched the seven seas looking for the most incredible One Piece cosplays, and now you can try them for your event!

Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy is the series’s main protagonist and the beloved captain of our favorite pirate crew. He is a young boy with Devil-fruit powers who dreams of becoming the next pirate king. His goofiness, strength, and willpower are just a few things that the fans love. Many cosplayers have created amazing looks inspired by Luffy and his various outfits in the show. 

When it comes to his outfit, Luffy’s main color is red. Starting from the beginning of the series, he is shown wearing a red sleeveless buttoned vest, blue knee-length shorts, and his most consistent part of the outfit, the straw hat. A Luffy cosplay cannot be completed without the addition of this simple yet iconic hat. 

While Luffy maintains a majority of his physical traits throughout the series, he goes through multiple changes, including a deep, cross-shaped mark on his chest. After the time skip, he wears a three-quarter sleeve shirt that is kept unbuttoned in the front. He continues wearing knee-length shorts as well as his straw slippers. 

Roronoa Zoro

Zoro is the second major character to be introduced in the series. While Nami is shown from episode one, Zoro is the one who joins Luffy’s crew first. He has spiky moss-green hair, which earns him the nickname Marimo-Atama meaning Moss head, from Sanji. He is an awesome swordsman and aims to become the best in the world. Zoro wears three golden earrings of the same design in one of his ears. 

After the time skip, Zoro is seen with a scar on his left eye, which he now keeps closed. He also goes through an outfit change and now wears a yukata. Previously, Zoro wore a half-sleeve white shirt with a woolen, striped green cloth around the waist, dark green pants, and boots. He also tied a fabric of the same color on one of his arms. Zoro ties the cloth on his head, which also signifies when he is getting serious in battle. As Zoro uses multiple swords, he carries three of them with him at all times. 


Nami is one of the main female leads in the show. She is very intelligent and sharp, especially when it comes to handling and obtaining money. However, this is simply her first impression. We soon learn that she is an expert navigator and aims to obtain a complete map of the sea. 

In the beginning, she had chin-length orange straight hair. She gets an outfit change almost every arc; however, her most consistent outfit is her post-time skip, in which she wears a bikini top, pants, brown shoes, and a log pose on her wrist. Nami is one of the straw hat pirates with the most changing outfits, including her unique ensemble in the Arabasta Arc. She usually has a confident, cheerful expression and is noted by many to be really beautiful. 

Like most other female characters in the show, she has a curvaceous figure. After the time skip, Nami grows her hair out. Her wavy hair reaches below her waist. She continues to carry her climatact for combat.

Sanji Vinsmoke

Sanji is mainly seen wearing a blue and sometimes orange collared dress shirt with thin black stripes. On top of this, he wears a black double-breasted waistcoat with golden buttons and black pants. He also wears black dress shoes. After joining the Straw Hats, he wears a full coat on top. He has short blonde hair with slightly longer bangs covering one of his eyes. 

While this costume of his is quite a popular One Piece cosplay, he also has other iconic looks. One of these is the traditional outfit in the One Piece Extra. In this version, Sanji has slightly longer hair tied in a low ponytail. Instead of the usual cigarette, he has a traditional long Japanese pipe. Sanji’s blue yukata also has thin black stripes, and he wears a pair of zori instead of the usual shoes. Besides his hair color, one of the unique things about his cosplay is his eyebrows. Sanji’s eyebrows end in swirly marks. 


Usopp is an excellent sniper and can create handy gadgets. This, combined with his realistic reactions to the chaotic situations the gang faces, makes him a very relatable character.  Usopp has dark, curly hair, a long nose, and long eyelashes. He is usually seen wearing olive green-colored overalls with blue and white striped socks and round-tipped olive-colored shoes. Usopp ties a cloth on his head and wears special goggles as well. After the time skip, he has a beard and wears different overalls. 

Franky – Cutty Flam

Franky is a cyborg and is hence proportioned differently than his friends. He is a fantastic mechanic and shipwright. He has a large torso and relatively lean legs. Franky’s hands have a blue star on the back. He also has a uniquely shaped chin and wears sunglasses. His outfits change with the arcs. In the Water 7 Arc, he wore a floral shirt and dark blue underwear. His hair is ice blue and spiky.

One Piece Cosplays


Brook is one of the most unique straw hat characters by appearance. As he is an undead, Brook is a skeleton. However, this has not stopped him from dressing up the way he likes. Brook has an afro. When it comes to his outfit, he wears a black suit with a blue cravat draped in the front and brown inner linings. He carries a cane and is exceptionally tall. Before and after his death, Brook is seen with an omega-shaped scar on his forehead. 

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His post-time skip outfit changes his formal look drastically. He now wears a very long purple coat with white fur lining, a pink shirt with white polka dots, orange and yellow striped pants, and a large bucket hat decorated with chains. He also wears a white cravat. However, he also has other flashy outfits in different arcs. Which era is your favorite? 

Tony Tony Chopper

Chopper is one of the devil fruit users in the Straw hat crew. He is most commonly seen in his tiny form. He is a zoan-type reindeer with a blue nose and is often nicknamed for that. He wears a red hat with a blue star symbol on it. In his humanoid form, Chopper also wears a shirt and brown shorts. He also carries a bag in which he keeps his medical supplies. He later switches to wearing a yellow hat instead.

Nico Robin

When the Straw Hat pirates first met Nico Robin, she wore a white outfit that gave cowboy vibes. She later switched to a dark purple ensemble. She was shown with slightly tan skin, straight black hair, short bangs, blue eyes, and a thin straight nose.

During the Water 7 Arc, she wore a black deep v-cut leather suit with a white undershirt, long sleeves, and a mini skirt. She also wears thigh-high leather heels.

After the time skip, she goes through a significant change in her art style. Her skin color was changed to a very light tone, and her hair grew much longer and wavy. Robin is seen wearing a half sleeve blue shirt and a long light pink skirt. She also wears sunglasses on top of her head. 

Boa Hancock

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Boa Hancock – One Piece Cosplay by PooRin

Boa Hancock is a major character appearing in the middle of the series. She is a strong-minded, beautiful woman with a complex personality. She dresses in many different iconic outfits, and many fans from around the world have tried to capture her charm. Her signature color is red. However, she is also seen wearing purple and green colors. The most consistent part of her outfit is her snake-like pair of gold earrings. Hancock has a curvaceous figure, white skin, long, silky black hair, and blue eyes. 

Trafalgar Law

Law has two main outfits in the story. His pre-time skip outfit consists of a yellow and black hoodie with a symbol in the middle. He also wears light blue pants with black spots. After the time skip, he continues to wear a white fur hat with black spots around the bottom. Law has a slim, tall build, short black hair, and long sideburns. His hair is almost always covered because he is wearing a white hat. Before the time skip, he had a confident expression with a smirk which changed to a more serious look after the time skip. He does, however, maintain his goatee and the fur hat. 

He is seen in multiple outfits, including one with a long black coat. He is also seen wearing a blue shirt with a dark blue fur collar and light blue pants with a black spotted pattern that matches his hat. Another part of his unique appearance is the many different tattoos he has on his body. Getting the tattoos right is the key to an anime-accurate cosplay for Trafalgar. 

Gol D. Roger

Gol D. Roger was the previous pirate king who inspired generations of pirates to steer into the sea. Roger is shown in the starting scene of the first season. He wears a red captain’s coat. Roger’s black hair and black mustache give him a stern appearance. During his complete reveal, he was shown wearing his pirate coat with a pink shirt and a white cravat along with the pirate hat.

Portgas D. Ace

Ace is Luffy’s brother and one of the most popular characters in the series. He is a devil-fruit user with the ability to produce and manipulate fire. This ability of his also earned him the name Fire-Fist Ace. In his initial appearance, Ace is shown as a well-built young man with slightly curly black hair and freckles. Ace has the mark of Whitebeard tattooed onto his back, this being one of his most prominent features. He also wears a light orange hat, knee-length black shorts, and boots. Ace also has a tattoo on his arm that spells ASCE but with the S crossed out in honor of his brother Sabo. 

Ace also wears a red beaded necklace. He also has multiple non-canon appearances with different outfits; however, his most famous looks are his first appearance as well as his outfit in the Marineford Arc. Which of his outfits is your favorite?

With this, our list comes to a close. One Piece has many more amazing characters to offer. Mihawk, Cobby, Yamato, and White Beard are only a few mentions. Which character is your favorite? If you were able to choose one, then let’s get to the final words.

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Which character outfits are the best picks?
One Piece characters have multiple outfits; some are more popular than others. You can go through the outfits to pick one that feels like the right choice for you.

What materials are the clothes made from?
Most anime cosplays are made from synthetic fabrics. For more details, you can also check the product description,