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Rintarou Okabe – The Mad Scientist

Impersonate mad scientist Rintarou Okabe with our exclusive Steins Gate Okabe cosplays and costumes. Every detail, from his signature lab suit to his eccentric expression, has been painstakingly recreated. Be ready to delve into the mysteries of time travel and impress with an Okabe cosplay from Cosplayhero.

Kurisu Makise – The brilliant scientist

For those who want to conquer the world with intelligence, we offer impressive Steins Gate Kurisu cosplays and costumes. Capture the brilliant aura of Kurisu Makise with a costume that perfectly captures her signature attire and thoughtful charisma. Be ready to impress with your ingenuity and show off the power of science with a Kurisu cosplay from Cosplayhero.

Mayuri Shiina – The loving friend

We present impressive Steins Gate Mayuri cosplays and costumes for the lovable characters. Capture Mayuri Shiina’s loving aura with a costume that perfectly captures her signature clothing and cheerful charisma. Be ready to slip into the role of the girlfriend and impress with a Mayuri cosplay from Cosplayhero.

Itaru Hashida (Daru) – The Otaku Hacker

For fans of otaku culture, we offer fascinating Steins Gate Daru cosplays and costumes. Each costume perfectly captures Itaru Hashida’s nerdy aura. Be ready to impress with your hacker knowledge and show that otakus can be heroes too with a Daru cosplay from Cosplayhero.

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