Minion Kigurumi Unisex

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Cuddly soft Minions Kigurumi. High quality fleece and detailed design make this kigurumi a great onesie option for cosplayers, Minion fans, and people who like to stay cozy and warm at home on the couch on cold evenings.

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Minions are insanely popular and there are accordingly numerous die-hard Minion fans who are guaranteed to enjoy this great and detailed Minion Kigurumi. Therefore, you can not only buy the Kigurumi for your own use, but also consider buying it as a gift. After all, who will not be pleased with this original gift?

The Kigurumi is on the one hand of course popular as a cuddly house suit, on the other hand it is also very popular as a carnival or Halloween costume. Cosplayers will of course also be delighted with this elaborately crafted cuddly onesie!
To be able to slip into the Minion role, here are a few facts about the funny fellows:

Minions speak so-called “Minionese” (translated from English approximately: Minionese). In principle, it is a random combination of several languages and additionally also mischief words and funny noises. Essentially, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish were combined. Words like “Aspetta” from Italian (meaning “wait”) are also used in the Minions in the context: when to wait or bide one’s time. So you can check your language skills and understand some of the “babble” if you listen carefully.

Interestingly, the Minions’ stated goal in life is to serve the greatest villain. However, this doesn’t always work out, as the Minions are often clumsy and, for example, accidentally killed Count Dracula by organizing a birthday party for him in broad daylight and also accidentally blew up Napoleon with their own cannon.
After each embarrassing incident, the Minions then go in search of a new villain to serve.

By the way, the Minions originally lived in the water and developed from small single-celled organisms. All the Minions have male names like Kevin, Bob and Stuart. The reproduction was done by cell division, which is why practically all Minions are almost identical. Differences exist in clothing and headgear, as well as in the number of eyes.

Here are a few additional facts:

1. according to the producers of the movies, there are exactly 899 Minions.
2. the height of a Minion is 105 centimeters.
3. there are only five different Minion hairstyles in total.
4. Pierre Coffin, the animator and co-director of “I – Just Incorrigible” and “The Minions”, voices all the Minions.
5. minions get depression when they can’t find a villain to serve for a long time.
6. when Minions are injected with the mutation serum PX-41, they turn purple and evil.
7. minions love to sing for a living. They’ve covered hits like “YMCA” and “I Swear.” The track “Happy” by Pharrell Williams is part of the soundtrack of “I – just incorrigible 2” and was nominated for an Oscar.

Well, did you get the desire to play Minion yourself? Then this kigurumi is just the thing for you!

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1 Minion Kigurumi made of soft fleece

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