Stitch Kigurumi Unisex

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Original and really cute Stitch Kigurumi made of 100% polyester. Cuddly soft and warm – ideal as house and pyjamas for chilly days and for dressing up at Halloween, carnival and cosplay.


Kigurumis are a cuddly trend from Japan. Because from here the success story of the fluffy Onesies took its course. Kigurumi is made up of the Japanese words “kiru” (=”wear”) and “nuigurumi” (=”stuffed animal”). So you wear a stuffed animal, and somehow become one yourself. Accordingly, there are lots of motifs, mostly from the animal and comic world.

This Kigurumi has the cute Stitch from Lilo & Stitch as motive. Like all kigurumis, it has a low cut and oversized, which is what makes it so incredibly comfortable. Nothing pinches or squeezes, which is why the Stitch Kigurumi is ideal as a house suit for chilly days when you like nothing better than to lie lazy and warm on the sofa at home while the bad weather rages outside.

The kigurumi is very easy to put on and take off because it has practical press studs on the front. Stitch’s ears are sewn to the hood. All you have to do is put on the onesie and put on the hood and you’re all dressed up. The special advantage of the Kigurumis is that street clothes can be worn under the Onesie because of the deep crotch and the oversize. That’s why the Kigurumi is perfect for the street carnival, because in February it’s still mighty cold and you can enjoy the procession snug and warm without standing on the side of the road chattering from the cold. For the same reason the Stitch Kigurumi is great for Halloween, the weather is usually cold at the end of October too.

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Stitch Kigurumi Costume one-piece

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Kigurumi Unicorn

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