Danganronpa Monokuma Unisex Hoodie

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With this attractive Danganronpa Monokuma Hoodie you are always well dressed. The comfortable hoodie has a smart design and is made of high-quality material. Ideally suited as cosplay streetwear.


Monokuma is the antagonist of the Danganronpa games. This is a strange teddy bear who considers himself the headmaster of Hope’s Peak Academy and explains the basic principle of the Academy to his “students”. This causes quite a bit of despair for those involved, except of course for the students who, like Makoto Naegi, are immune to these plans.
The cunning and vile creature is actually an animatronic bear, used to interact with students.

Monokuma’s face and body are divided into two halves from top to bottom, which are black and white. Here, of course, the yin and yang symbol is clearly represented – that is, a balance between good and evil.
His right side is white and more like that of a teddy bear. His left side, on the other hand, is black and has a rather sinister appearance.

Accordingly, the character of Monokuma is also divided into two equal parts. The “white” personality is a cute, innocent teddy bear, while the “black” side is devious, vicious, and ruthless.

The Monokuma Hoodie from our shop represents this fact perfectly and also looks really fashionable and smart. The perfect cosplay streetwear for normal everyday life and leisure.

Of course, the hooded sweater is also suitable for theme parties, Halloween and carnival.

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