Sword Art Online Alicization Eugeo Cosplay Wig

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Beautiful Eugeo cosplay wig made of heat resistant synthetic hair. Included in delivery is a practical hair net. Ideal for cosplay, Halloween, carnival and other occasions where you want to dress up.

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Eugeo is one of the main characters in the first half of the Alicization story arc of Sword Art Online. He is Kirito’s best friend and partner in “Project Alicization”.

Eugeo is a kind, good-hearted and considerate person who not only takes care of his own needs, but also those of his fellow man. However, he then also lacked determination at times.
Originally, Eugeo was also a very obedient person who was always careful not to break any rules. Over time, however, numerous negative experiences and disappointments change this. Since then, he realized that the law simply must be disregarded under certain justifiable circumstances. It wasn’t until he met Kirito that he really started to spring into action.

In appearance, Eugeo is a slender boy with soft-looking flaxen-blond slightly wavy hair, green eyes, and cream-colored skin. Before he entered the Sword Mastery Academy, he wore unbleached, rough cotton or light blue linen short-sleeved tunic with irregular texture, hand-sewn threads at the cuffs and a V-cut at the chest, tied together with a light brown string and pants, just like Kirito. Since entering the academy, he has worn a standard grey uniform. After being promoted to Elite Swordsman-in-Training, he was given the right to customize his uniform, opting for a blue uniform.

Our high quality cosplay wig completes your Eugeo outfit perfectly. The length of the hair is about 33 cm.
Wonderful for cosplay, Halloween or carnival, but of course also suitable for dressing up in between.

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Wig and free hairnet
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