Cosplay X-Men Wolverine Claws

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With these impressive Wolverine claws you are guaranteed to scare and frighten at the next cosplay event, but also at Halloween, carnival and motto party. The claws look great and are comfortable to wear.


Wolverine is always a popular character for cosplay, of course, but also for dressing up at Mardi Gras and Halloween. So that you look really real you need of course the great Wolverine claws.

Logan aka Wolverine, whose real name is actually James Howlett, is one of the so-called X-Men. The story begins in Canada in 1845 when young James Howlett witnesses Thomas Logan shoot his father. In a blind rage, he kills the killer with bone claws protruding from the back of his hand. However, to his shock, the killer reveals that he is actually his biological father. James Howlett aka Wolverine then flees with his half-brother Victor Greed (son of Thomas Logan). He changes his name to Logan and fights alongside Creed in the American Civil War, World War I, World War II, and Vietnam. Both heroes are brought before a firing squad after Victor assaults a superior. Both survive because you have self-healing powers. After the Vietnam War ends in 1975, the two are found by John William Stryker and persuaded to join his secret military unit. Together with other mutants, search for a comet that has the only Adamantium deposit on Earth.

The Wolverine claws are 10.24 inches (26 cm) long and sturdily made.

No matter if you’re cosplaying, dressing up for Halloween or going to a carnival – with these claws you’re guaranteed to make an impression!

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2 Wolverine claws

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