Shoulder Armour Leather Shoulder Armour PU Leather

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Get your shoulder armour made of high quality leather and faux leather for the perfect cosplay outfit now!

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Hey guys, this is Anna from CosplayHero! Today I would like to introduce you to our leather shoulder armour, also called shoulder armour. This shoulder armour is perfect for everyone who is interested in medieval, fantasy or other historical costumes. The shoulder armour is made of high quality PU leather which is very durable and long lasting.

The shoulder armour comes with an adjustable buckle to ensure it fits any body size. The shoulder armour is available in different sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your costume. The shoulder armour comes in a classic brown colour that is perfect for any costume.

The shoulder armour is not only a great accessory for your costume, but also a great gift for anyone interested in historical costumes. You can also use the shoulder armour for LARP events or medieval markets to add the finishing touch to your costume. The shoulder armour is very light and comfortable to wear, so you can wear it all day without it bothering you.

So what are you waiting for? Order your leather shoulder armour from CosplayHero now and get the perfect accessory for your costume. We offer fast delivery and excellent customer service, so there’s no need to worry. So why not order today.An exquisite one-shoulder costume that can be worn over and over again and is also safe and fade resistant. The belt is made from high quality PU leather and creatively designed with studs, metal rings and a belt buckle.

There is no more iconic symbol of medieval Europe than the knight: in shining armour, fighting his rivals, wearing a token of his love. But knights were far more than romantic figures – they were a triumph of military technology. Accounts from the Middle Ages describe the well-trained, heavily armed warriors trampling through enemy troops, chopping off limbs and heads.

Of course, as leaders of armies, knights were responsible for winning – and losing – some of the most important battles of the Middle Ages. But they also made history in other ways. Many held not only military but also important religious positions. Some were historians and poets, helping to shape the image of the knight we still know today.

It is a chic addition to any event or can be worn alone to add a touch of romance and mystery. You can wear it to a steampunk party, live action show, role play and music festival, as well as nightclubs, selfie carnivals and cosplay.

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12 responses to “Shoulder Armour Leather Shoulder Armour PU Leather”

  1. The product was delivered very fast to the Netherlands, within a week. Very good quality, and properly descriped.

  2. The material is dermantine, thin and shiny. But for this money is normal, nothing supernatural) the order came in 2 weeks in Voronezh, on the whole way was tracked

  3. you do get what you pay for but its pretty decent quality for a cheap one. if you have big arms tho, the wrist piece may not be big enough.

  4. Excellent workmanship, quite good delivery time, excellent packaging delivered completely without damage. Maximum satisfaction.

  5. Excellent workmanship, quite good delivery time, excellent packaging delivered completely without damage. Maximum satisfaction.

  6. The material is as similar as the skin. Everything is sewn qualitatively, soundly. I would like, of course, more rigid fixation in the area of the collar. And so-a great purchase! You can always work out a little. No smell. It came sooo fast! The seller is good! Thank you very much) what I wanted❤

  7. On thin adult male, I think it fits better on left shoulder, because that way you have the belt clip from the front, so you can strap it yourself. On right shoulder, the belt clip is at my back, so someone else would need to fasten it. Quality look good

  8. Такое ощущение , что шили прям под мою фигуру , под мою руку) что процентное попадание по размеру!!)) смотрится очень круто в наборе с голографической юбкой !

  9. It soooo cool! It looks exactly like the pictures and is very nice to wear. I bought it for a cosplay and I think it will look amazing with the cape I will add to it!