80's costumes
Sixteen of the Best 80's costumes 20


When it comes to costume ideas, the 80’s is a great option. Its fashion will always have its charm. Are you a fan of 80’s era too? Do you wish to live in that era or for that era to come back? It’s okay if it is not possible to go back into the 80’s, but you can bring it back for one day on Halloween. Dress up like people used to in the 80’s and give everyone a sense of nostalgia.

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The 80’s era was all about pop. Its cultural icons were very famous and were followed and loved by everyone. That is why it is such a favorite Halloween costume option. Dressing up in “80’s costumes” is done by many every year. Madonna and Michael Jackson are the most prominent figures to dress up as. But this year, do a little different.

In this article, we have gathered unique options for you to change your throwback look a little bit. Look different yet fabulous this year on Halloween using our guide.

Cool 80’s Costumes Ideas

1. The Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club
Sixteen of the Best 80's costumes 21

If you are an 80’s fan, you must be aware of this high school group. It can be a great group Halloween costume.

2. 80’s Andre Agassi and the Tennis Ball

It can be a good costume for a couple who is an 80’s fans. Dress up as this cute sporty couple and catch everyone’s attention.

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3. The Shining Twins

Shining Twins
Sixteen of the Best 80's costumes 22

Dress up creepy like these twins with your best friend, sister, or cousin. It will be a good nostalgia for everyone in the room.

4. Princess Peach and Toad

This costume duo is super cute. It can be perfect for a mother and her child, putting everyone in awe.

5. Operation + Surgeon

Every 80’s fan would remember this board game. Dressing up as a couple or best friends will be perfect and give a heavy nostalgia to every elder in the room.

6. Marge Simpson

Marge Simpson
Sixteen of the Best 80's costumes 23

Mama Simpson from the 80’s cartoon, ‘The Simpsons,’ is someone no one can miss out on. Stand out in the whole crown with a blue wig.

7. Treasure Trolls

It can be a perfect family costume. With ’80s nostalgia put everyone in awe with the very adorable “80’s costumes.”

8. Fraggle Rock

Just put on a red dress with brown boots and an orange wig, simple yet adorable.

9. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Sixteen of the Best 80's costumes 24

It is another outfit of twins which you and your best friend, sister, or cousin can dress up as because everyone loves these iconic twins.

10. Army Toy Soldiers

These toys were very famous back in the 80’s. Dress up with your best friend in these soldier outfits and stand out in the whole Halloween party.

11. Ghostbuster and Marshmallow Man

If you don’t want to make up a costume yourself, go for these pre-made “80’s costumes” duo.

12. Waldo and Wenda

All you have to do is wear a white and red striped t-shirt, a white and red beanie with blue jeans, and your regular shoes, and your perfect 80’s character look is ready. It can be perfect for a couple or two best friends.

13. Lisa Frank and Unicorn

It is a perfect duo outfit for two girls’ best friends. You can quickly gather the props for this costume from a thrift store. Visit one now with your best friend.

14. Top Gun

You can find army green or navy blue jumpsuits in any shop or a thrift store. Simple yet creative.

15. Labyrinth

The storyline is creepy, strange, and beautiful simultaneously, but it is an excellent costume idea for a family. It will have everyone’s eyes on you, enjoying the nostalgia.

16. Ring Pop

Every 80’s person has had this ring lollipop. Dress up as one and remind them of old times when eating it was fun.


“80’s costumes” never go out of fashion and stay evergreen. But you can always get creative and think a little out of the box. To help you do so, we have prepared this list of fabulous costume ideas for Halloween for an 80’s theme. You will have everyone’s attention in the whole Halloween crowd and have everyone live their old days again. Those who wish to see the 80’s era will get their wish fulfilled.