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Sword Art Online (SAO) is a light novel (novel) series by Japanese author Reki Kawahara. This is the author’s debut work, which was initially published freely for everyone to read. Looking for a Sword Art Online cosplay? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have these SAO cosplays, among others:

  • Kirito Coplay
  • Asuna Cosplay

And many more Sword Art Online Cosplays

Ready Player One meets Anime

After the author received an award for his second work, the publisher ASCII Media Works then became aware of SAO and published the light novel series. The resulting series is most definitely one of the most successful of recent years and has been adapted into several manga series as well as an anime series. Light Novel, Manga and Anime are published in German.

Storyline of Sword Art Online (SAO)

Sword Art Online is an anime in which the main character Kirito (Kazuto Kirigaya) finally gets to play Sword Art Online again. This is a so-called VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). The game’s unique feature is that all players can be fully immersed in a virtual reality of a medieval fantasy world called Aincrad. All sensory perceptions are perfectly recreated and the players actually have the impression of living in this fantasy world. This deception is achieved by the so-called NerveGear scores. This device reads directly the sensory and motor areas in the brain and can then stimulate them.

The story then takes its dramatic course when Kirito realizes that it is no longer possible for him to log out. Promptly, the developer of the game and the all-important NerveGear technology, Akihiko Kayaba, announces a short time later that players will not be able to leave this world until all bosses of all 100 levels of Aincrad have been defeated. Most dramatically, death in this world, as well as removal of the NerveGear, automatically leads to death in the real world. Kirito and his fellow players are thus trapped in the game to the death.

Although hero Kirito finally escapes the game after two years, he still can’t relax because his beloved girlfriend Asuna is still in a coma. It is then through a clue from another online game – ALfheim Online (ALO) – that new adventures ensue as Kirito sets out to save his beloved Asuna.

After finally rescuing Asuna, Kirito is asked by a Special Forces officer to help solve several murder cases in a new game Gun Gale Online (GGO). This is where players were killed in-game and then died in the real world at the same time. Accordingly, Kirito then naturally dives into GGO and meets both new friends and old enemies.

In the next part – that is, after the GGO incident, Shino was invited to play in ALfheim Online. It becomes known that the legendary sword Excaliber should have been found again. This encouraged Kirito, who had tried to get the sword himself before but had given up quickly, to finally retrieve it. That’s why he goes on a quest with his old SAO friends and has to survive numerous adventures.

The most popular characters for Sword Art Online cosplays

Sword Art Online is teeming with different characters, of course, and each one is certainly interesting and intriguing in its own right. However, typically for cosplay, some particularly popular characters have stood out, which we would like to briefly introduce to you here:

  • Kirigaya Kazuto Cosplay (Kirito Cosplay)
    He is the protagonist of the Sword Art Online novel and anime series. Typically, however, he is simply called Kirito. He created this name himself from his real name Kirigaya Kazuto: “Kiri-” from Kirigaya and “-to” from Kazuto. He was one of the 1000 closed beta testers for Sword Art Online, the first VRMMORPG for the NerveGear.
  • Asuna Cosplay
  • Asuna is one of the main characters in the Aincrad storyline and the Calibur and Mother’s Rosario side stories. AM the beginning of the story, she is first a partner and later the girlfriend and then even in game wife of Kirito. In SAO, she was a member of the Knights of the Blood Oath and was their vice commander. Her full name is Yuuki Asuna. Her father is Yuuki Shouzou, the former owner of RECT Progress Inc.
  • Lisbeth Cosplay
  • Lisbeth is one of the 10,000 players held captive in Sword Art Online. In the game, her avatar is a blacksmith. Her best friend is Asuna, who gave her the nickname Lis. Because her real name is actually Shinozaki Rika. In ALfheim Online, she plays a goblin blacksmith.

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