Tips for Your Perfect Angel Costume
Tips for Your Perfect Angel Costume 10


Is there anyone who doesn’t like angels? I don’t think so. We all know angels exist, and they aren’t a myth. Storybooks, cartoons, and movies have created an image of how angels look in our minds. There are thoughts about how angels are. Some believe all angels are good, while some believe angels can be good and evil. When we see angels, their behavior, and how they treat humans, we wish they existed in a form that we could see them. So what if we cannot see them? We can dress up in an “angel costume” and live like one for at least some time. Halloween brings us that chance.

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On Halloween, we dress up as either someone we love or someone we wish we were. Angels are one of those beings or characters. Dressing up as an angel is fun, different and unique. An “angel costume” is easy to make and very comfortable to wear. A Halloween party would be incomplete without at least one angel in the room. Below are a few tips and tricks for your costume. These tips include essential components needed to make one. Use these tips to make your perfect “angel costume” for Halloween.

Tips for a Perfect Angel Costume

The gown

The gown
Tips for Your Perfect Angel Costume 11

You can wear a long white dress. If you don’t have a white dress, you can choose light pink, light yellow or a light blue dress. Don’t choose a dark color as dark colors usually are for evil. To bring a little sparkle, you can glue some shiny tinsel strands to it. Make sure the glue has dried up completely before you wear the dress.

The halo

Angel outfits are incomplete without a halo. A halo is the first thing you notice when you see an angel. It is something no one else has. You can buy a halo from a shop for your angel look, or you can make it with supplies already present at home. To make a halo at home, you will need:

  1. A bendable silver wire,
  2. A tape,
  3. Glue, and
  4. A few tinsel strands.

Measure the circumference of your head and cut the wire accordingly. Bend it into a circle and join the two ends with a tape. Repeat the step and put the second circle aside. It’s okay if the wire is not bent perfectly, we will cover it with tinsel strands. Cut another piece of wire of the length where you want your halo to be above your head. Then tape the first circle piece to one end of the wire piece and the other to the other end. For tinsel strands, choose colors like light blue, light pink, silver, or gold. Take the strands and glue them on both circles. Your halo is ready.

The wings

The wings
Tips for Your Perfect Angel Costume 12

Wings are very important for an angel outfit. You can buy wings from a shop, or you can make them at home. With a pencil, draw the shape of the wings on cardboard. Paint it with your choice of color. Match your wings to the color of your halo. You can sprinkle some gold or silver glitter on the wings for some shine. Angels are supposed to glow. Finally, attach the wings to the dress. You can use a hot glue gun so that wings don’t fall off.


An “angel costume” is incomplete without accessories. You have to match the right accessories with your look, or the efforts will go to waste. Pair the dress with white sandals or flats. You can wear a small pendant necklace and earrings, or pearls if you have them, and a nice bracelet.

Sparkle all the way because that is how angels are. They shine and glow and also bring light to our lives.

Put on some light makeup, and your angel look is complete.


An “angel costume” is easy to create but also fun to make. You can make it in your way and stand out in the whole crowd. Bring light to the Halloween party. The tips and tricks mentioned above would make your day good and a memorable one. Creating a costume at home can take a lot of time and effort, and getting a ready-to-wear costume delivered at your doorstep is an easy way out, but making it yourself will make it very special for you.