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Toothless is characterized by his playful and likeable nature. He also has the habit of drawing on the ground with branches. His nature is curious by nature and together with Hicks he loves to explore Berk and the surrounding islands. The goal is to map them. Furthermore, Hicks has set himself the goal of finding new kite species.

Toothless is very brave and loyal. He fights unconditionally and dedicatedly for his dragon friends and of course for his human friend Hicks. To protect him is his highest goal.

The action of taming dragons made easy

taming dragons
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It’s best if we just watch the plot of the two movies in the series, because that way you’ll know best how to most convincingly portray Toothless in cosplay.

Toothless belongs to the Colony of the Dragons of the Red Death. Together with his other dragon friends, he attacks Berk one day to find food to feed the rites of Death. He rules the colony by force.

Toothless is particularly feared, because as a nightshade it is able to be practically invisible u during nightly attacks and can therefore attack without warning. The only indication of an imminent attack is a characteristic whistling sound when the plasma fire is charged for the attack. As far as attacks are concerned, he is incredibly accurate and precise in the use of fire and is therefore respected and feared as a fighter.

Toothless Tail
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Despite the almost perfect camouflage, however, one day teenager Hicks manages to track down the dragon and shoot it out of the sky. Toothless gets injured at the tail fin and loses control while flying. He can’t steer properly and also has problems with his balance. He eventually crashes and cannot escape the Viking boy Hicks. His original plan is to kill the dragon and bring the heart home as a trophy to gain the recognition of the other Vikings. But when the time comes, he can’t bring himself to kill the defenseless Toothless.

Rather, as a plan B, it comes to his mind to tame the dragon, study it and learn more about this and other dragons. Since the dragon seems to have no teeth at first sight, he calls it Toothless. Later on, however, it turns out that it does have teeth that can be extended.

Hicks also quickly notices that the problems in flying are caused by the lack of a tail fin. He then makes a prosthesis for Toothless and now the two of them can start. To make his flying more comfortable, he also constructs a special saddle for Toothless.

Soon the two of them become close friends and with their combined forces they succeed in ending the reign of the terrible Red Death and in settling the eternal war between Vikings and Dragons.

Action of taming dragons made easy 2

taming dragons made easy
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Dragon taming made easy 2 is, as the name clearly indicates, the continuation of the first movie. The story begins five years after the first story. The two friends Hicks and Toothless find Valka, Hicks’ mother who has disappeared for twenty years.

During this time she learned an incredible amount about dragons and knows the subject very well. This is because she is herding dragons in the so-called Colony of the Great Overwild. On this meadow, Toothless finally learns that he can extend his back spines and thus can fly much better. He is able to fly much tighter turns and to execute rapid flight maneuvers. He had no knowledge of this, because he is the only one of his kind and nobody else taught him this as a little dragon.

Valka is also able to recognize the age of Toothless, who interestingly enough is the same age as Hicks, namely 20 years as.

Apart from these positive findings, the film “Taming Dragons Made Easy 2” is highly dramatic, because Toothless is defeated in the battle against Drago from the colony of the Great Overwild and then brought under control. The enemies succeed in forcing him to attack his friend Hicks so that he can kill him. However, this is then prevented in a spectacular and tragic way by the father, who throws himself into the plasma beam of Toothless and thereby saves his son’s life.

At Berk, Hicks finally succeeds in regaining the will of Toothless and the two of them then take up the fight against the Great Overwild. Despite the huge difference in size, Toothless fights doggedly and bravely and finally wins the fight. This brings him the role of the Alpha Dragon of the colony of Berk.

Toothless Cosplay

toothless cosplay
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The likeable dragon Toothless is very popular for cosplay. For example you can find complete dragon costumes in the Cosplay Shop. Another popular option is an outfit that combines the elements of the dragon with a human costume. In this case, for example, a chic tight costume is combined with the dragon elements like mask, back spines, dragon wings, etc. There are almost no limits to your fantasy and the whole thing is just crazy fun.

Just try it out yourself – you will have a lot of fun.