Who Should You Cosplay
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Cosplay is an incredible way to embrace the character and personality of a fictional being. It is cool, powerful and full of meaning as one shows up like a warrior or a princess, allowing unseen shades of beauty and confidence to be on display. It doesn’t matter what your costume is made of; what matters is how well you do justice to the persona you portray as your own.

Who Should You Cosplay?

However, it’s not always easy to pick a character or find the right costume. These are some easy yet sensational characters you can choose from to cosplay as:

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn
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Apart from the eccentricity of her villainous, naughty and tragi-comic personality, Harley Quinn is a character that has won and terrified the hearts of many. For being Harley Quinn, you just need

  • Red and blue jacket and shorts,
  • Black net stockings
  • Plain white shirt
  • Makeup
  • Temporary powdered hair color of pink and blue
  • Black and red markers
  • Gold jewelry.

Her character is not only easy to put together but also great to enact and display unstable emotions from traumatized to the carefree girl Harley Quinn projects to the world.

Coraline Wybie

Coraline Wybie
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Coraline is cute, stubborn, adventurous and all those things any child of such busy parents can ever be! She doesn’t dress to impress – she dresses according to her own comfort and need.

If you want to be independent and thoughtful like Coraline, just get these items to acquire her personality as your cosplay character:

  • A yellow raincoat
  • Blue jeans and yellow boots
  • A brown satchel like bag
  • Some cobalt blue temporary hair powder/chalk
  • Either you get a haircut like her (which is bold and fun) or you can fold up your hair with pins to get the look.

Get into character as soon as you reach the gathering and start searching for secret doors and button-eyed hosts!

Prince Eric

Prince Eric
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Welcome to the world of Disney handsomeness as Prince Eric has arrived! If there is anyone who can be charming and charismatic in such a normal outfit, it is none other than His Highness Prince Eric himself. Look at him, all sprightly and confident to sweep Ariel off her … feet!

To be Prince Eric, you need only:

  • A pair of blue jeans (folded up from below)
  • A white shirt
  • A red shawl or belt (to be wrapped around your waist)
  • Black boots/shoes
  • If you have long hair, you can either pin it up to copy his hairstyle or leave it be because why not?

Make sure you dazzle everyone with your smile and don’t forget to bow!

Wednesday Adams

Wednesday Adams
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If you want to stay away from socializing and maintain a distance from the crowd, Wednesday Addams is the best cosplay character for you. She is serious, mysterious and quiet – more of an observer than the subject of observation. Why talk when you can silently hate everything and everyone, right?

Wednesday does not have much in her wardrobe but black and white are her favorite colors. For cosplaying as her, you need:

  • A white shirt with collar (to be worn inside)
  • A black frock
  • Black stockings or leggings
  • For hairdo, you need to part your hair in the middle and braid it on both sides.
  • A small stuffed spider or a bottle with the symbol of poison is optional but great to add to the haunting look.

You don’t have to say or do anything; just sit on a table and stare expressionlessly at the crowd to terrify them!


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The sweetest father-figure in guise of an evil, ruthless man, Gru is the character everyone can’t stop admiring. He is a little wacky, funny and very inventive. Gru dresses like any villain: darkly (though Vector defied all laws of villain dress codes…)

For cosplaying as Gru, you need nothing but:

  • A black zipper jacket
  • Black pants
  • Black shoes
  • A black and grey muffler
  • A stuffed minion would be nice

Walk with wide steps and use your hands a lot, because Gru knows what he is talking about.

No Face

No Face
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No Face from Spirited Away is not only a foodie but also a mute. He doesn’t talk much unless he eats up a person who can talk on his behalf. Perfect to recreate, No Face is a character you can embody without having to spend much!

To be No Face, you will need:

  • A black gown/cape
  • Black gloves
  • Black pants/Leggings
  • No Face mask (readymade or DIY – you can make the mask by using white chart paper and black marker. Punch holes in the sides to insert an elastic band to hold the mask to your face)

Glide smoothly through the crowds and grunt “uhn uhn” at random strangers to make them reconsider their life choices!

The Thing

The Thing
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He might be sad and self-conscious, but he is one of the best superheroes we have seen in the movies. He is funny, he is enthusiastic and most importantly, he is loyal to the Fantastic Four. To arrive at an event as The Thing will not only grab everyone’s attention but also let you boast of your humorous sense of creativity.

You will need just 3 items to be The Thing:

  • Blue shorts
  • Nude shirt
  • Thermocole /black marker

Simply draw rocky designs on your nude colored shirt and on your arms, face and legs. Alternatively, embrace the humor The Thing has by sticking pieces of crudely broken Thermocole and stick it all over your body, head and face. Color it with brown paint to create a rocky look.


Whether it is a huge event like Comic Con or just a random cosplay gathering, you need to make sure that you suit up perfectly! These characters are not only easy but are also within the range of a tight budget. Be brave and be creative because that’s what cosplay is all about!