Regarding popular Isekai anime cosplays, it is impossible not to mention Re Zero. Starting as a novel back in 2012, this story soon received more love, as well as a light novel adaptation, a manga, and an animated series. Re: Zero kara Hajimaru Isekai also known as “Re Zero Starting Life In Another World,” features Subaru, a shut-in introvert who gets isekaied to another world. However, unlike most of the new worlds in this genre, this one is perilous. Soon after Subaru befriends a half-elf, the duo finds themselves in a life-and-death situation and eventually faces a gruesome fate. 

However, instead of his life finishing on the spot, the time rewinds, bringing him back sometime before his death. This cycle of rebirth continues every time Subaru dies. He eventually learns that the only way to get out of the situation is to find a way to live for his and Emilia’s sake. 

This darker turn on the usually chill isekai genre is thrilling and captures the viewers’ attention right from the start. If you like the combination of fantasy, horror, and doom, you will love this series. Alongside the captivating storyline, Re Zero also features a colorful cast, both personality-wise and with literary meaning. These characters have been the center of anime cosplays, including the beloved twin sisters and the elven princess Emilia. However, most of all, the audience connects with the characters so well because they go through very realistic emotional struggles. 

Therefore, this blog brings you some of the most iconic Re Zero Cosplays you can try for yourself. So without further ado, let’s get to our quick list of Re Zero character cosplays you need to try for the isekai genre. 

Re Zero Characters You Can Cosplay

Subaru Natsuki 

Subaru Re Zero Cosplay
Subaru Natsuki – Re Zero Cosplay

Subaru is the main protagonist of the show. He is shown to be a hikikomori NEET, (a shut-in person) who is suddenly transported into another world on his way back from the convenience store. Subaru is a youth with sharp eyes and messy and slightly spiky black hair. He has a mysterious ability called Shinimodori, which causes him to be revived every time he dies. He has an athletic build and tiny irises, which make his eyes look rather big. He wears multiple outfits throughout the series; however, one of his most consistent wardrobe items is a deep grey tracksuit with orange stripes on the sides.

He also wears black sneakers and a white tracksuit jacket. After some time in the series, he has a scar on his arm as it is affected by Capella’s dragon blood. He used to Idolize his father and dreamed of becoming just like him; however, he eventually starts to loathe himself after failing at everything repeatedly. 

In the alternate story ending called Re ZeroIf, Subaru wears different clothes than his usual tracksuit. His tracksuit is instead black and white, with the jacket having yellow stripes and a logo inspired by the English letter N. 

Emilia, the Half-Elf Princess

Emilia Re Zero Cosplay
Emilia – Re Zero Cosplay Wallpaperflare

Emilia is a silver-haired elf and one of the first characters other than Subaru that we meet in the show. She is also the main female lead of the story. She is revealed to be, in fact, a princess who is next in line for the throne. She is described as a very pretty girl with silky silver locks and violet eyes. Her cheeks have a natural blush, and her skin has a very light complexion. In her most common outfits, she dresses in a combination of purple and white that complements her eyes. She also wears a thin long purple ribbon in her hair around a white flower.

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Although she has a youthful appearance, her actual age is unknown, but we expect her to be much older than she appears as she is an elf. Emilia is kind, courageous, and loving, and this is one of the reasons why we all love her. If you are going for a couples cosplay, you can pair up this elvish look with the main protagonist for a cute couple! 


Rem Re Zero Cosplay
Rem – Re Zero Cosplay Wallpaperflare

Rem is one of the most beloved characters in the fandom. She is an oni with a human-like appearance. Rem is one of the supporting female characters in the story. However, she takes an even more prominent role in the Re ZeroIf story. She has chin-length sky-blue hair with long bangs almost covering one of her eyes. 

She has a curvy figure and very pale skin. She usually dresses up as a maid. In an alternate future, Rem has long hair, short bangs, and dresses in traditional Japanese clothes. Other than the hairclips, Rem also wears a flower-shaped ribbon in her hair.


Ram Re Zero Cosplay
Rem – Re Zero Cosplay Wallpaperflare

Ram is Rem’s twin sister, who is, in fact, also a very popular choice for anime cosplays across the globe. While the twins look identical, they have one significant difference: their hair colors. Ram, unlike Rem, has bubblegum pink hair and is slightly slimmer than the former. She also styles her hair in the mirror version of her sister, with her bangs concealing part of her face. Both sisters wear hairpins in a similar fashion, and their dresses are also identical. If you wish to create a cosplay look with a friend, you can definitely consider dressing up as the two iconic twin sisters.


Beatrice Re Zero Cosplay
Beatrice – Re Zero Cosplay Wallpaperflare

Beatrice is a young woman with a child-like appearance and small stature. As a result, people often mistake her for a kid and treat her as such. Despite this, she has a serious expression and a refined appearance. She has light blonde hair tied in two high, curly ponytails. She wears a crown-shaped hair accessory and large pink ribbons on her head. Her outfit consists of a red and white color combination. The most important part of her cosplay is working on getting the blue eye color. She is one of the most mysterious characters in the early part of the series. 

Felix Argyle

Felix Re Zero Cosplay
Felix Argyle – Re Zero Cosplay Wallpaperflare

Felix is one of the famous reverse-trap characters in Re Zero. He is a young boy who dresses up as a girl with cat ears. His outfit consists of blue, white, and yellow colored stripes, and his hair is light brown in color. Felix loves to cause a little confusion and has a cheerful personality. So if you want to go for a Halloween look or a cat-boy cosplay, this should definitely be on your list. 


Puck Re Zero Cosplay
Puck – Re Zero Wallpaperflare

Pet cosplay is coming up next! Puck is an adorable artificial spirit that is closely connected with Emilia. In his little form, he resembles a kitten, thus making it a good cosplay idea for your pet cat. His fur is a very light grey, almost silver, like Emilia’s hair. He has blue eyes and a white muzzle. He is shown wearing a golden earring on one of his ears. 

Priscilla Barielle

Priscilla Re Zero Cosplay
Priscilla – Re Zero Wallpaperflare

Priscilla is a beautiful young woman with long strawberry-blond hair. Her main outfit consists of a red and black dress. She also wears a rose accessory to match her dress and long black gloves. She is considered a divine beauty with a commanding crimson gaze. If you are looking for one of the most beautiful as well as arrogant characters in the show, Priscilla is definitely the one at the top of the list. Priscilla also wears many other exquisite dresses with their precious accessories. However, most of her outfits revolve around the red and black gothic theme. 

Roswaal L Mathers

Roswaal Re Zero Cosplay
Roswaal L Mathers – Re Zero Wallpaperflare

Roswaal is one of the recurring male characters in Re: Zero. He is considered a classic pretty boy with his tall stature, handsome features, and extremely pale complexion. Roswaal has very long blue hair with lighter highlights in the front. His hair reaches his back, and he usually tucks his hair behind one ear. For his cosplay, other than the outfit and hair color, you will also need to focus on his makeup, as he wears purple lipstick and eyeshadow. Although he is heterochromatic, in his first incarnation, he had the same colored blue eyes. He also makes an appearance without makeup; therefore, you can choose your cosplay look based on the one you like the most.  

Frederica Baumann

Frederica is Roswaal’s maid. She has an energetic personality and a strong physique. As a beast human, she is taller than the average female, being a bit taller than Subaru. Frederica has long blonde hair and enthusiastic sea-green eyes. Whenever she smiles, her pointy fangs show. When it comes to her outfit, as she is a maid, she wears the standard maid uniform. Frederica does not prefer other girly outfits as she thinks that those will not suit her. 

Ryuzu Meyer

Ryuzu is a half-elf. She is a petite girl with long sakura-colored hair cut in straight bangs around her forehead. She is mostly seen wearing either a black or white long robe with very long sleeves and a red buckle around the neck. Her eyes are green in color. As all the Ryuzus are clones, they have the same expression and behavior. 

Crusch Karsten

Crusch is one of the main female characters in the 3rd Arc of the series. She is the Royal King candidate for Lugnica. Crusch has beautiful hazel-colored eyes and long green hair. She dresses in formal and less feminine clothes, which gives her a strict appearance. As a child, she used to tie her hair up in a ponytail, but as a grownup, she let her hair down. 

Julius Juukulius

Julius Re Zero Cosplay
Julius – Re Zero Wallpaperflare

Julius is a young man with light violet hair and yellow eyes. He is tall and slightly muscular. Julius is Anastasia’s personal guard and is always wearing his guard uniform. This uniform gives him a refined appearance. 

Anastasia Hoshin

Anastasia - Re Zero Cosplay
Anastasia – Re Zero Wallpaperflare

Anastasia is a young woman with a small stature, bluish-green eyes, and light purple hair. She is also a candidate for the position of Lugnica’s King and therefore has a noble air about her. She dresses in fine clothes with soft white colors and elegant accessories. 

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This brings our list to a close. These are just some of the characters from the series that offer fun cosplay choices. Did you find your favorite characters on the list? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And now, without further ado, let’s get to the stuff you can find right here. 

What You Can Find At CosplayHero:

To create an eye-catching cosplay look, you need three things, an idea, the costume, and its complete setting, including the wig and the accessories. If the above list gives you your choice, then congratulations! You can move on to the next step. For your costume, we have our categories divided into costumes, wigs, and accessories. 

As fellow cosplayers, we want you to be able to find the most affordable, comfortable, and anime-accurate costumes. Therefore while we do not manufacture any of these items, each of these has been carefully researched and listed for your convenience. 

Just like your regular wardrobe, cosplay is something that is based on your preferences. And there are multiple ways to create your anime look. 


A properly styled wig and the right color can add a finishing touch to your anime cosplay. For characters like Rem and Emilia with unnatural hair colors, getting a wig is a good idea. You can also choose to add your own touch with different or complementary hair accessories. 


Since Re Zero is a very popular show, it is no surprise that many famous cosplayers have added their own twists to the character looks. For the perfect costume, size, and fitting is incredibly important. This is why we provide a detailed size chart with all our clothing items so you can find what fits you the best. 

Please check out the description section if you wish to know about the materials used in the cosplay. Re Zero characters wear both modern and traditional style Japanese clothes. Which era is your favorite? For a comfortable, laid-back look, Subaru’s tracksuit is an excellent option. However, if you want something more traditional and formal, then perhaps you would like the festive Japanese gear. You can choose the character looks from the alternate series ending, Re ZeroIf, which features many cute outfits.