The appearance of Adrien alias Chat Noir

Adrien alias Chat Noir
Chat Noir Cosplay 7

Adrien is a rather slim, averagely built boy without much muscle. His unspectacular physique is in contrast to his striking eyes, which are bright green. Also his hairstyle immediately catches the eye, because blond hair is always perfectly styled. Especially unusual is that the very beautiful eyes have no eyelashes. The face is roundish, while the lips and nose are quite narrow. The chin tends to be rather pointed and the ears are very close to the head.


Adrien alias Chat Noir costume
Chat Noir Cosplay 8

In normal everyday life, Adrien typically wears a black t-shirt with one green, one purple and one yellow horizontal stripe. His jacket is white and he sets up the collar stylishly. He typically rolls up the sleeves a bit. His jeans are blue and he combines them with a black belt, matching the shirt. The buckle of the belt is silver. On his feet he wears comfortable sneakers, which are fashionably orange. Shoelaces and sole are white. The outfit is altogether fashionable and chic and was of course designed by his father, the fashion designer. For this reason you can find his label – a black butterfly in a circle – on the shoes. On his right ring finger Adrien wears a special silver signet ring, because he does not take it off at night.

When Adrien turns into Chat Noir, the color of the signet ring, also known as Miraculous, changes and it turns black. Also a bright green cat paw with four toes appears on the signet. Hissing his hair, two black cat ears come out at once. Since his own ears are very close to the head, you will not see them at all. Over the eyes he wears a black mask and the eyes themselves become even more intense green. His slim body is then in a black cat suit, which also covers his arms and hands completely. The outfit has cat claws at the fingertips and the clothing of the feet resembles cat paws.

Around his hips he wears a belt with metal tip, which looks like a cat’s tail. At the top the bodysuit has a zipper, which has a small bell at the top, directly at the neck.

His weapon is a silver staff, which he carries fastened directly over the coccyx.

Personality of Adrien alias Chat Noir

Chat Noir
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Adrien is very well-behaved and is always polite, helpful and courteous. However, he does not get along very well with his father and the relationship between father and son is rather cool and distant.

He was quite isolated in his childhood and often wished to grow up in a normal household. This wish was then at least partially fulfilled by the fact that he was allowed to go to public school at some point; previously he had been taught privately at home.

Chat Noir Cosplay 1
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In school, things generally went very well for him, as he received consistently good grades in school due to the excellent private lessons he had received before. In addition, he can fence very well, play the piano virtuosically, speaks Chinese and is also doing remarkably well in basketball.

Of course he is also a normal youngster of his age and therefore loves video games more than anything else. However, it has to be said that he is usually beaten by Marinette.

As a teenager Adrien also has a favorite group. In his case this is the rock singer Jagged Stone, from whom he even asks for an autograph. By the way, he himself hates to give autographs and avoids it wherever possible. His girlfriend Cloe makes stubborn approaches, which he always resists because he secretly has a crush on his partner Ladybug. He flirts with her also quite extensively and gladly. He himself is adored as a former model by most of the girls

Chat Noir relation
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As a Chat Noir, Adrien is also friendly and helpful, but there is another facet to his character – he is cheeky and mischievous. He is also much more self-confident and confident towards his father and does not shy away from giving him instructions. He tends to be simply more cocky and unfortunately often a bit boastful.

Healthwise, Adrien has an allergy to bird feathers both as himself and as Chat Noir, which makes him sneeze heavily and extensively.

Chat Noir Cosplay Costume

Chat Noir Cosplay Costume
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As you probably noticed while reading this, the Cosplay costume by Char Noir is not very elaborate. Nevertheless, it’s hard to do by yourself, because the body suit has to be really skintight and should fit practically like a second skin. But when you find the right costume, you look really great and cut a good figure. Our advice is to buy a good costume set in the specialized Cosplay online store instead of making one yourself.

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