Violet Evergarden is a beautiful piece of Japanese animation with much emotion and lovely art by KyoAni. It features Violet Evergarden, our lead female protagonist in the fictional steampunk world. The anime was adapted from the light novel of the same name written by Kana Akatsuki and illustrated by Akiko Takase. 

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The story follows the young girl named Violet and her journey in learning about human emotions. The stunning visuals and deep character personalities are enough to immerse anyone in this beautiful universe. Likewise, the details in this creation are stunning, from the character design to the detail in the scenery. 

However, it is not simply an emotional roller coaster. Violet Evergarden also explores the dynamics of relationships and traditions of an old society, complex political situations, and thrilling combat. If you love this series, then you will also love the cosplays. As the art in this show is quite detailed, cosplay creators also create costumes to match the level of detail. 

Lovely outfits and delicate hairstyles may be just the thing that you need. The character designs from Violet Evergarden are so stunning. They have a realistic touch to them, and some of the costumes look elegant for formal cosplays. Well, now is your chance to try it!

Characters You Can Cosplay

Let’s get to the characters and their outfits now that you know about the show. Violet Evergarden features a wonderful cast with fabulous clothing. Each character’s outfit also gives us a sneak peek into their personalities. 

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden Cosplay
Violet Evergarden

Violet is our main female lead. She is first introduced as a war soldier who has been on the battlefield since a very young age. She lacks emotions and a general social understanding of human society. As her story progresses, she meets many people and experiences their troubles, learning the delicacy and importance of emotions along the way. 

After a certain incident, Violet’s military service comes to an abrupt end, and she is left without a mission. With the newfound freedom and an unanswered question in her mind, Violet begins to work as an Auto Memory Doll. While at first, she struggles, she eventually masters the skill and becomes an exceptional Auto Memory Doll. 

She is a beautiful young girl with sand-blonde colored hair and lovely blue eyes. Violet’s outfit gives off vibes of elegance, innocence, and purity. She dresses in a lovely off-white striped ribbon dress with a blue jacket on top. This jacket has puffy sleeves and a collar with a belt strap set diagonally in the front. She also wears a white cravat, and on top of it is adorned the emerald color brooch gifted to her by the major. To cover her mechanical hands, she wears gloves that were a gift from someone.

In the Violet Evergarden movie, during a ballroom dance, Violet wears an elegant dress coat inspired by masculine and feminine dressing. This outfit consists of white top jacket with long sleeves that are puffed at the top. The back of the coat is long and reaches Violet’s ankles in ruffles. She also wore high-waist white pants that ended above her ankles with white coat shoes. Violet also changes her hairstyle and wears her hair in a low messy bun.

Gilbert Bougainvillea

Gilbert - Violet Evergarden Cosplay
Gilbert Bougainvillea

Major Gilbert is one of the major recurring characters in the story. He was violet’s mentor as well as a caretaker. He is a handsome man with dark blue hair and deep emerald-green eyes. As he is a military officer, he is often dressed the part. Despite being one of the most powerful names in the military, Gilbert is different from others that share a similar rank. He is shown to be a compassionate person and one who cares for life regardless of their presence on the battlefield. Nevertheless, Gilbert was forced into a war that would later be the reason of his disappearance. 

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In the Violet Evergarden movie, Gilbert is shown wearing an outfit similar to a farmer’s. He wears a white shirt and brown pants with suspenders. He also wears a black eye patch and a beanie. Gilbert usually has a kind and gentle expression.

Dietfried Bougainvillea

Dietfried - Violet Evergarden Cosplay
Dietfried Bougainvillea

Dietfried is Gilbert’s older brother and the one who initially found Violet. He later presented Violet as a gift to his brother Gilbert. However, Dietfried himself saw her as nothing more than a war tool and told Gil to do the same. He blames Violet for the murder of his people and generally dislikes her at first, saying that she needs orders to survive. However, he eventually warms up to her and even stops calling her a tool. 

Being brothers, Dietfired looks a lot like his younger brother however, the two have their differences. Dietfired has a much more stern expression than his brother. He has long blue hair that is braided and tied with a blue ribbon and kept on the side. His eyes are also a similar color. As he is a navy officer, he wears a white uniform. He is also shown wearing formal clothing when he is outside. 

Charlotte Abelfreya Drossel

Charlotte - Violet Evergarden Cosplay
Charlotte Abelfreya Drossel

Charlotte is a young princess of the kingdom of Drossel. She is a beautiful young girl with very long, wavy strawberry brown hair, pale bright skin, and brown eyes. She is a determined princess who strives to become a Queen worthy of her people. While she initially has a hard time getting along with Violet, she soon warms up to her. 

As she is a princess, Charlotte has a lot of different dresses that define her as a young, delicate, and beautiful princess. Along with her long, ruffled dresses, she wears a tiara in her hair. For her wedding, Charlotte dressed in a lovely white dress embroidered with fine pearls and elegant fitting. Her hair was styled in a low bun and decorated with white pearls, her royal tiara set in the front.

Benedict Blue

Benedict - Violet Evergarden
Benedict Blue

Benedict is one of the CH postal workers, and the first person to show Violet around her office as an Auto Memory Doll. He is a fashionable young man with light blonde hair cut in a slightly diagonal at the front with long bangs on one side. He usually wears greyish-brown pants and a white shirt with the first few buttons left unbuttoned. 

He wears a black undershirt as well as shorts. His pants have a criss-cross string pattern in the front of the thighs. He also wears long, high-heeled boots. Benedict’s eyes are a lovely blue. He is one of the popular characters in the fandom and would be an excellent choice for a Violet Evergarden Cosplay. 

Claudia Hodgins

Claudia - Violet Evergarden Cosplay
Claudia Hodgins

Claudia used to be a colonel who served in the war. After the war, he founded the CH postal and is its current CEO. Claudia has a slightly unkempt appearance. He is a handsome man with reddish brown hair, blue eyes, slightly tan skin, and stubble. He wears a white full-sleeve dress shirt and keeps its sleeves partially rolled up his arms. 

He also wears a light brown waistcoat, maroon pants, and dark brown boots. His hair reaches below his neck and is tied in a messy low ponytail with his hair left loose in the front. During his military service, his hair was cut short, and his face was cleanly shaved. He also wore the standard military uniform, including a military jacket and pants, a white shirt, and a black tie. 

Cattleya Baudelaire

Cattleya - Violet Evergarden Cosplay
Cattleya Baudelaire

Cattleya was introduced as the most popular Auto Memory Doll at CH postal. She is very close with Claudia and joined him in the company as one of the very first employees. She is a beautiful mature woman with long, straight black hair and enthusiastic purple eyes. She dresses in rather revealing clothing, with red color being the main theme. She is very expressive with her emotions and often deals with clients with love problems. 

Cattleya has a stylish figure, and she also includes lipstick and golden earrings as part of her outfit. She wears a red bustier-style dress with a grey inner, a choker, and a pendant. She also wears brown thigh-high boots. Her skin tone is different in the novel and the anime. In the novel, she has a light complexion, whereas in the anime, she has a darker complexion. Nevertheless, both make for a lovely character design that makes an excellent Auto Memory Doll cosplay. 

Erica Brown

Erica - Violet Evergarden Cosplay
Erica Brown

Erica is one of the Auto Memory Dolls who works in CH postal alongside Violet and Iris. She is shown to be a meek person at first who doesn’t show confidence in her skills. Erica has a petite figure. She has light brown hair that reaches just below her ears. Her eyebrows are thin, and her eyes are a light hazel color. She wears round glasses with her hair covering her forehead in short bangs. Erica also has light freckles and a mole near her lip.

Her outfit is a lovely dress consisting of a light olive shirt with a white collar and a ruffled dress on top. She also wears skin-colored lace-up boots and white socks with a red horizontal stripe near the ankle. White being timid at first, Erica eventually gets confident and is determined to become an even better memory doll. 

Iris Cannary

Iris - Violet Evergarden Cosplay
Iris Cannary

Iris joined CH postal as an Auto Memory Doll with much love for the profession. She was the only girl to be selected from her city and considered this job an honor and a respectful responsibility. Iris has short hair that reaches her ears. She is a fashionable girl and likes to dress up in a black sleeveless shirt with a lighter, greyish undershirt. She pairs this top with a pair of white trousers and high-heeled black shoes. 

She also wears a brown belt strap around her shoulders, connected with her pants as well as some pieces of emerald green and golden jewelry. She also wears a black wristband on one of her arms. Her defining feature, however, is her hair and tan skin.

Leon Stephanotis

Leon - Violet Evergarden Cosplay
Leon Stephanotis

Leon is a young scholar and astrologer that Violet meets during one of her tasks as an Auto-memory doll. Leon is shown to be proud and slightly arrogant at first, but he opens up to Violet eventually. He is a handsome young man with long black hair, blue eyes, and brown skin. He dresses in the same manner as the other scholars, with an olive grey turtle neck as an undershirt. As a young boy, Leon wore a white shirt and brown pants with suspenders. His hair was short at that time.

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And with that, our list is completed. Now that you have a detailed overview of the characters let’s get to the cosplay tips!

What You Can Find At Cosplayhero

It takes more than just a complete set of costumes to create an anime-accurate look. At CosplayHero, we help our readers find the best deals on costumes, wigs, and other accessories. You can find costumes for your favorite shows, holidays, and events. Simply browse through the categories to find what you are looking for. 

Violet Evergarden’s cosplays are all created with the essence of a historical anime in mind. The dresses and outfits consist of formal designs with ruffles, belts, and precise stitching. So dive into a world of lace-up boots and beautiful dresses entwined with military uniforms. 

For the best fit, please check out the description and choose the measurements that fit you best. After deciding on your costume, you need to work on the wig. Most of these are made from synthetic, heat-resistant material to create the look of gravity-defying anime hairstyles. If you wish to style your hair yourself, you will need a wig with the appropriate length and hair accessories. You can also find pre-styled wigs, but for these, you will still get the accessories like ribbons and decorative pins. 

When it comes to shoes, most of these are easy to find. Violet Evergarden characters do not wear overly complicated shoes, and you can pair up your favorite lace-up boots for many cosplays. 


Can I use a normal wig for this cosplay?
It depends on the character that you are cosplaying. However, you can definitely create your own cosplay look with any wig or even your own natural hair.

How do I achieve the ideal fitting for my cosplay?
Some of the dresses, like Violet’s ribbon dress, have a very specific shape that you can achieve with the help of something like a tulle petticoat. It is recommended to choose the closest size or get it altered.