In cosplay, there's nothing that doesn't exist. Inspiration for a new character to portray can be found not only quickly, but also particularly entertainingly in the world of movies and games. Of course, even though our selection is fantastic and gigantic and not overly praised by ourselves, we can't include every franchise of movies, series, and games. But to give you a SMALL glimpse of our selection anyway, here are a few sweets:
Assassin's Creed - the secret world of the Assassins and Templars with hidden blades, Assassin outfits and civilians in hoodies.
If you not only like to sneak but also like to leave chaos on your campaign, Dishonored will turn you into the master assassin Corvo.


Dress in green or, more recently, blue and become the pointy-eared hero Link or the legendary Princess Zelda in the “The Legend of Zelda” department.
Enter the team-based battle of heroes in Overwatch as your favorite hero.
If being a hero is not enough for you, but you even want to compete as a champion against Minions, Towers and other opponents, League of Legends is the right place for you!
Dive into the world of eyecandy and drawn great cinema of Japanese anime, whether Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon or Pokémon.
May the force be with you with Star Wars Cosplays for all Jedis, Sith or Wookies of the galaxy! Or save the universe as the super soldier Master Chief from Halo. For those who prefer a more colorful science fiction experience, Guardians of the Galaxy features Star-Lord, Groot and Rocket.


Become the Dark Knight of the Night and embark on a never-ending battle against the evil of Gotham City as Batman.
Listen to your spider sense and swing through the city as Spiderman with your webshooter. If insects aren't your thing, but superpowers in animal strength sound good, then you should take a look at Black Panther.
Of course, you can also become Iron Man in shining armor with easy-going sayings and ingenious inventions. But not everyone wants to wear a complete high-tech battle suit, often a shield like Captain America's is enough.
If you're more in the mood to lose your sense of reality in order to let loose, slip into the wrinkled skin of Deadpool.
No matter what color Ciri's skin is - that this would ever become a discussion - the witcher with the long white hair and the horse roach, Geralt of Riva has long thrilled with the adventures from The Witcher.
You could also meet Robin Hood in the woods and on horseback, but we want to take it a step further and send you into battle against evil as the superhero Arrow with bow and arrow.


But not every villain and every criminal can be defeated by sheer force of arms, often it is more advisable to use one's head and who, if not Sherlock Holmes, speaks for an excellent mind?
Speaking of great knowledge, hitting the classroom is fun at Hogwarts Wizarding School, at least as a Harry Potter fan that would definitely be the school of choice!
However, the world of magic and sorcery is still available at level 11 as the superhero Dr. Strange. Captain Jack Sparrow would definitely have been expelled from school if he had been as cheeky and drunk as he was in Pirates of the Caribbean, as he was in the movies.
Sometimes the hammer has to be swung, even the nordic god Thor knows that with his hammer Mjölnir. If you'd rather use your tools to create awesome structures, check out our Minecraft Cosplays. And if you do create something too powerful, like The One Ring, you'd better quickly become Lord of the Rings as a Hobbit and summon your companions.